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With the increasing popularity of Karen Millen items on ebay I have noticed that there are some misconceptions.


In the early days their items were made majorly in the UK or EU but in recent times the majority are Made in China. A conservative estimate will be 99.999%. A minority is made in Lithuania. The popular wedge shoe of last season which came in red and emerald green was made in Brazil.


Having been a fan for a number of years, I have noticed that the quality is improving but they still have some way to go. They have responded to complaints about the durability of their items and you could see the improvements. They look very nice but the fact still remains that they are very fragile and do not last - take a trip to their outlet/factory shops and you will see what I mean!!  Broken zips, ripped fabrics, undone seams etc. Also their washing instructions are not always accurate. Having paid me compensation in the past, my drycleaner will not accept any of my Karen Millen items to clean without me signing a disclaimer. I know he is not alone! Despite this, the designer remains my favourite as I always look forward to their new collection.


Some factory outlets do this to stop people returning current season items to the shop. They also put a red dot on the neck label to indicate its origin. But labels cut does not always mean factory second. Karen Millen manufacturers sell over-runs or cancelled orders to suppliers and other people. In order to meet their obligations they are required to cut out/partially cut or deface the label. So you get a perfect dress with the label cut. Nobody knows the labels are cut and you have a new season dress at the fraction of the price.  If you pay a visit to the designer wholesale markets in Guangzhou or Shenzhen and know where to look you will be surpised at the bargains you can pick up. I have personally bought current and past season Karen Millen, Coast, Warehouse etc items at rock buttom prices there - some BNWT and AUTHENTIC!!!

If you need more info just drop me a line!!

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