KAREN MILLEN are you being duped?

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There are so many fake/copied Karen Millen dresses appearing on e bay its quite disgusting.

People are being conned and its not good enough.

I do not agree with copies they are inferior and sold for highly inflated prices, girls, they are just not worth it.

The  dresses  appearing now, always sold out ,so how come they have 20 in every size?????? or owned and too small for the seller, but how can it be brand new from seasons 2006/2007 and the same seller has about 50!!!!!!!! when it sold out?. They keep relisting,relisting, they are nothing but cheats and if you think you will get  your hard earned cash back quickly ...forget it it can take months!!!!!.

The pictures being used are all the same Karen Millen photos, not a photo of someone with a genuine item hanging from their wardrobe door.

Please do not buy them and if you think someone is selling a fake, ask them if they can guarantee its genuine , and also tell them that you will take it into a Karen Millen store, or compare it with a freind who has an original.

 I can guarantee you that you will not get a reply, if you do it will always be ,I am selling it for a friend , blah blah blah.........so save your money and never buy from these con merchants.


thanks for reading I just do not want people to be ripped off.


S xxx


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