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Kato Eurostar 8 car sets cannot be recommended highly enough! They will even negotiate Kato's 282mm single viaduct tracks and run unbelievably smoothly. You need to check that it will run on the radii of track you intend using it on.

On the down side the plastic moulded panotgraphs are quite fragile and are easily damaged but replacements are readily available from the official importer for a couple of pounds. The close couplings can also be easily damaged in the wrong hands. Replacements are available. These two matters emphasise the fact that the Kato Eurostar is a highly detailed scale model - it is not a toy train suitable for children.

4 car add-on sets were produced some years ago and they are now much sought after on the secondhand market and the price they acheive bears witness to this, however before considering making such a purchase it is essential that your layout can really handle such a beautiful beast 12 car rake. Mine can't unfortunately! In N gauge the 8 car set goes a long way and looks truly majestic

The Kato 8 car set is a superb masterpiece of model design and puts the products of some British outline manufacturers to shame. Comes with flywheel drive for realistic handling and the fine detailing needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. I model Japanese outline but once I'd seen this model 'in the flesh' I was powerless to avoid making a purchase.

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