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Kevin Sorbo was born on September 24th 1958 in Mound, Minnesota, USA. Standing 6'3" of Scandinavian descent, he went to the University of Minnesota & Moorhead State and majored in marketing and advertising, played basket ball and lifted weights.  He started his acting career in TV commercials, doing 150 of them, and small roles in TV series and films.  He auditioned for the lead roles in X-Files, NYPD Blue, and Lois & Clark The New Adventures Of Superman.

He became hugely successful as Hercules with the 5 movies, followed by the TV series, followed by another TV series 'Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda' (of 'Star Trek' fame) as Captain Dylan Hunt.  Another major role was the lead in the movie 'Kull The Conqueror', based on the Robert E. Howard (Conan creator) character.  Unfortunately the production company for 'Andromeda' went under before a sixth season of the successful show could be made (still leaves me thinking there should be a movie version - it worked for 'Star Trek' !).  Kevin Sorbo was in the 1st decade of the 21st Century the most bankable star on TV.

After 'Andromeda' he decided on a more concentrated movie career.  He had married Sam Jenkins, having met her on the set of Hercules. He plays guitar and listens to music in his spare time.


Seasons 1-6 DVD Box Sets.


Seasons 1-5 DVD Box Sets.


Hercules And The Amazon Women (1994)(also starring Lucy Lawless, Michael Hurst, and Anthony Quinn)

Hercules And The Lost Kingdom (1994)(also starring Renee O'Conner, and Anthony Quinn)

Hercules And The Circle Of Fire (1994)(also starring Tawny Kitaen, and Anthony Quinn)

Hercules In The Underworld (1994)(also starring Tawny Kitaen,  and Anthony Quinn)

Hercules In The Maze Of The Minotaur (1994)(also starring Tawny Kitaen, Michael Hurst, and Anthony Quinn)

Kull The Conqueror (1997)(also starring Tia Carerre)(the Robert E. Howard characters & stories made into a brilliant movie/the character Kull pre-dates Conan. It was the Kull story 'By This Axe I Rule' which was re-written and turned into the first Conan story 'Phoenix On The Sword' in 1932)(sword vs sorcery)

Endstation (aka Something Beneath)(2006)(horror)(includes 9 deaths(including 1 for the doggy),33 horrors(counted once for each scene - not shot, and once each for the 'goo' per death), 21 swear words, 10 non-swears !, plus 1 Eco Monster !)

Avenging Angel (2007)(western)

Prairie Fever (2007)(western)(includes 59 horses, 38 women, 9 deaths, 8 stand offs, 4 gunfights, 2 barfights, plus 1 horse neigh off screen) 
(Trading Post continuity mistake. With 3 horses in the coral, Dominique Swain's horse with the dark long mane she gets on, is not the one in the next shot she rides off on. It has a shorter lighter mane, and is 1 of the 3 horses from the coral. But she is riding the darker long maned horse again by the next scene. It doesn't affect the horse count!
At 1hr,4mins,48secs a wagon with 5 horses, but 24 legs comes round a town corner! At 0hr,17mins,58secs & 1hr,17mins,27secs, there is a carriage being pulled, by a horse not seen, due to the scene edits in each!).

Fire From Below (2008)(thriller)(includes 138 Fire, 52 No Fire smoke, 30 TV Report Fire, 115 Vehicles, 34 Women, 22 deaths(actual movie) dialogue mentions 100's, and 14 times swearing).

Lightning Strikes (2009)(comes in a slip case version)(SciFi)

Flesh Wounds (2010)(includes 33 deaths, plus 64 swear words)(Certificate 18)(Brilliant Action/SciFi/War Movie with some obvious influences).

Tales Of An Ancient Empire (2011)(comes in a slip case version)(horrorfantasy)

Paradox (2011)(SciFi)(includes 10 deaths(including 4 human and 6 monster), 43 monsters & magics, and 19 hard technology(including the .44 Magnum !).


KULL THE CONQUEROR by Sean A. Moore(1997)(Tor)


By The Sword by Timothy Boggs(1997)

Serpents Shadow by Timothy Boggs(1997)

The Eye Of The Ram by Timothy Boggs(1997)

The First Casualty by David L. Seidman(1998)

Hercules And The Geek Of Greece by Hunter Kennedy(1999)


The World Of Hercules The Legendary Journeys Map(1998)(very useful fold out map of the ancient world of Greece and the surroundings, with photos, notes on characters and the movies and TV episodes)

GENE RODDENBERRY'S ANDROMEDA(novels published by Tor)

Destruction Of Illusions by Keith R.A. DeCandido(2003)

The Broken Places by Ethlie Ann Vare & Daniel Morris(2003)

Waystation by Steven E. McDonald(2004)

Through The Looking Glass by Josepha Sherman(2005)

The Attitude Of Silence by Jeff Mariotte(2005)

Paradise Drift by Sherwood Smith(2005/only published in hardback as far as I know)

While other ACTION HEROES were falling by the wayside, and ARNIE became the governator of California, KEVIN SORBO'S's career went sky high.

Having met Kevin Sorbo in 2005, he comes across as a likable friendly actor.

With thanks to James Van Hise (Hercules & Xena book), compiled from my collection.   

Guide by James Wyatt(wyatt5642).

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