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I bought this as a so I thought "stop gap" car, after I lost my company Zafira through redundancy.

I read about and heard all the Sedona horror unreliable it would be etc etc etc.

Well all I can say is that twelve months later, I rate it as the most versatile, value for money car I have EVER had! Fuel mpg is a pretty acceptable 35mpg, it has started first turn of the key every time, and everyone I take out in it comments on how spacious and comfortable it is.

The only down-points to report are that it is a bit slow and sluggish, and a bit rattly and noisy, compared to say, my old Zafira. But, if I had a choice, I would STILL buy a Sedona over my old Zafira!!! It's a true, 7 proper seat MPV, not a 5 seats and two mini chair MPV wannabe, if you know what I mean :-)

The only other downer (for me anyway) that I thought the seats folded down into a bed. They don't.

Well they do, sort of......but you wouldn't want to sleep on it, thats for sure. All lumps, bumps, and different heights between the padding.

Would I buy another Sedona?    Oh yes. Without a doubt the most underated and overlooked MPV on the market, in my opinion.

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