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This is a alert with any one that as bought these lovely shoes and the scams people really do try to pull off? I purchased a pair of these on ebay and paid through paypal staright away they were bought for my 9 year old daughter for school as she had to have a new pair for school. Thought great got a real bargain for only £14.99 and brand new so really couldnt wait for them to arrive. When they arrived i took only one out the box and they looked really lovely and thought to myself will wait for my daughter to come home and try them both on? As she did she tried the left foot first and said they would be great so she went and tried to put the othe one on and said this shoe wont go on its to small my husband and i called her a liar but to our dissmay when she held both shoes together one was smaller than the other. On the bottom of the sole one was a 38 and one was a 36? cant believe it no neither could we i contacted the seller and to my disbelief i got told that they hadny even checked the box as they were brand new? (but on the item description it said there was no box included) the seller as fully refunded my money but still left out of pocket as i have had to send the shoes back of which i wished i hadnt as these shoes will probally go back on ebay for sale? what i cannot understand is what is this person gaining by doing this and before you ask yes left positive feedback before checking the shoes so will now check any item before leaving feedback. I just wanted you all to be aware just incase it happens to you how can you wear 2 shoes at different sizes i had to check the listing 3 times to make sure i hadnt made the mistake so please double check. GOODLUCK
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