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If you are giving a money gift and dont want to put cash in an envelope, then knit this little bag too give it in. So quick to knit. Your gift will be remembered and useful long after the money has been spent.

This pattern looks as though it takes a long time to complete. I've just written it out so that ( I hope ) new knitters will find it easy.   Really it only takes a few minutes to knit. 

The pattern is for a punchcard or electronic standard gauge knitting machines. Useful to make for the craft table at school bazaars. Or a 'small value' item to sell at craft fairs.


Materials -

  • 4 ply yarn
  • 4 ply contrast ( i used white 4 ply and a fine gold to give a bit of a sparkle - but any will do.
  • Waste yarn
  • Punchcard - see below. Punch holes either side of centre as I have. This ensures the '£' is in the correct place on the bag.

Method -

  • Push 12 needles either side of centre '0' into B position. (24 needles)
  • Using wast yarn knit 6 rows.
  • Changing to main yarn and tension 5, knit 12 rows.
  • Transfer every alternate stitch BUT leave needles in B postiton to make picot edge.
  • Knit 12 rows.
  • Pick up stitches below waste yarn to make a hem.
  • Change to tension 7, knit 2 rows.
  • Now transfer every 4 th stitch to next needle BUT leave the needes in B position to make holes.
  • Put card in upside down and wrong way round ready to use ( see punched card next to the bag ) .
  • Knit 6 rows in stocking stitch as before.
  • Change to fairisle setting, thread up second colour and release card.
  • Knit 21 rows fairisle, 'e' wrapping each first background stitch with fairisle colour on the carriage side ( as you would to neaten edge of a single motif - should be in your instruction book)
  • Set carriage to stocking stitch, remove second colour.
  • Knit 12 rows stocking stitch.
  • Cast off.
  • Knit another piece the same.
  • Sew up seams.
  • Knit 'cord' to thread through the holes - quicket way is to cast on 4 stitches, attach weight and knit to required length. You will find the knitting will curl around just like a cord - so halving your knitting time.

Grateful if you would vote if you found this pattern idea useful.

Kind regards Winifred

PS. I know the little bag looks a bit worn. I keep it for loose change at the bottom of my bag. I've knitted them in other colours for Easter gift ( yellow ) , for baby gifts ( white ) with pink or blue initial, and a Valentine Day gift ( pink ) with a heart.




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