KTS 650 Tester UPDATED APR 2008

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OCT 2007 The KTS 650 has been replaced by the KTS 670



On Ebay over the last year i have seen a number of Bosch KTS 650 Diagnostic Testers for Sale. Many i`m sure are legit. But i keep seeing the same description and pictures being used for a number of them, along the lines of the "Rolls Royce of Testers", Before bidding on a KTS 650 think about the following.


1. Use a payment method your comfortable with. See if you can collect if in doubt, I would not recommend using Western Union. Use Escrow and pay the charges if you have to,it could save you a lot of money.

2. If collecting check the operation of the unit, there are two 650s in the market at the time of writing this one running Windows Me and a upgraded version runnning Xp. They operate the same but the XP version has a better perfomance. Repairs on the 650 can be expensive, i should know i work on them all the time, so see if you can try it on a car.

3. Check the sellers feedback, if in doubt ask the seller a question. Be wary of sellers from Asia having feedback left from users with randomn names with feedback scores similair to the seller.

4. Ask about updates and how they work. If your questions are not answered satisfactorily be carefull.

5. Ask the seller a question via ebay and not an email adress they display in the description, as it may be a hijacked account.  If it sounds to good to be true it probably is.Use a bit of common sense and be carefull. Good luck

6. Make sure sellers location and item location match.

Update 20/09/06

Some ebayers were asking if theres any other differences between the Me version of the KTS 650 and the Xp one. It was possible to put more RAM in the older 650 and then load Windows XP. So the other differences would be the hard drive size 20gb was standard for the older 650s then it was upgraded to a 40Gb in the next revision of 650s.

Update 05/05/2007

If you have a KTS650 running windows ME be aware that from software version 2007/4 Bosch will no longer support windows ME operating system.

What do you do?

Sit tight for now, if you`d like to know when there are any offers or upgrades out, just drop me note with contact details and i`ll let you know.

Update 10/06/07

We recently upgraded a ME based KTS 650 to an XP one using the RAM upgrade kit, i would like to say whilst it worked the machine was very slow and not very responsive, in the end we put ina new motherboard and larger hard drive, it cost a lot more but the customer was much happier.

If you need any more help please get in touch remember to allow your email address to be visible so i can reply.


The KTS 670 has now replaced the KTS 650


*The 2008 Esi disc has been released. If you have not yet upgraded your 650 this update will still work, but it is one of the last ones that will.

** The price of the motherboard from Bosch has been dropped so its alot more cost effective to upgrade it. Please get in touch if you require this to be done.



The current hardware for your kts set up for 650 should be a KTS 650 loaded with Windows XP (Works best with the 1 gig ram mnotherboard upgrade). Min 40gb harddrive. A can cable with ubox 02.
The KTS 650 and KTS 670 are no longer being sold by Bosch. Parts will still be available but the preffered option for new user will be to sell them a DCU with a KTS 570. However users can elect to use their own laptops.


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