Kannazuki no Miko- a chaotic anime that works

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This anime is about two high school girls called Himeko and Chikane who find they are destined to be the Solar and Lunar mikos respectively. As the mikos they must fight the seven necks of Orochi, whom awaken on Himeko and Chikane's birthday. To defeat the Orochi the mikos must resurrect the weapon. However, things are not as straightforward as they seem. One of the Orochi is Soma, a boy from the same school as Himeko and Chikane who has a crush on Himeko as does Chikane.
Himeko starts off as a typical female, anime lead- a bit naive, shy, funny and cute. However a lot of shyness and at times reluctant personality is down to the abuse she received as a child and the abuse she receives at school because thanks to the destruction of her dorm she now lives with Chikane who is idolized by most of the school who consider Himeko unworthy to be with her.
By comparison Chikane is aloof, polite, noble and kind. She is aristocratic almost and skilled in many areas, hence how she has the admiration of the school. Whilst she always kind towards Himeko and helps her out however she can she is cool towards Soma who she considers a rival for Himeko's affection. Throughout this short anime Chikane goes through surprising character development which really makes this anime as good as it is.
The seven Orochi sadly like development though they are all unique characters, delightfully different and entertaining for the brief times they are on screen. They fight with mecha which seems a bit ridiculous and one wonders if the mecha were added to appeal to a wider audience. However, Soma being torn between them is engaging enough and they serve to keep the story moving and give it a background plot.
The anime truly becomes interesting halfway through when it goes from a light-hearted theme to a much darker one with a plot twist well worth waiting for. Despite the ill-placed mecha Kannazuki no Miko is definitely worth watching. The two lead characters are original and the development between them is what makes this anime as great as it is.
Out of 5 I would rate it 4.
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