Karate Suit Size Guide

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There can be some confusion with the sizing that goes with Karate Suits.  Basically the sizing is measured in centimetres to reflect the height of the person who will wear the karate uniform.

However, there are two size tables, one used for Japanese or traditional make of  Karate uniforms and the other is used mainly by European manufacturers, although the difference is only 10 cms!

Use the Chart below to assist you.

Size              Japanese                  European
3.0                 150cms                     160cms
3.5                 155cms                     165cms
4.0                 160cms                     170cms
4.5                 165cms                     175cms
5.0                 170cms                     180cms
5.5                 175cms                     185cms
6.0                 180cms                     190cms
6.5                 185cms                     195cms
7.0                 190cms                     200cms
7.5                 195cms                     205cms
8.0                 200cms                     210cms

The above sizing is for adult suits and hence the cut and width of the karate suit is aimed at and adult rather than a child. 

Children sizing are from size 000 (100cms), size 00 (110cms), size 0 (120cms), Size 1 (130cms), Size 2 (140cms) and Size 3 (150cms). Even though there may be an overlap in size around size three the cut of the suit is different.  Childrens karate suits tend to be made for a much slimmer fit than the adult suit.

I hope this helps with sizing you find associated with suits on ebay.
If you have any question, don't hesitate to drop me a note.

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