Karmas Ember: Guide To Crystals

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With this guide we hope to introduce you to some of the basic points to consider when purchasing, and then working with healing crystals and stones.

First Impressions

You will find lots of different interpretations and information attached to every crystal and will sometimes think, "So which is the right one for me?", well all I can say is the right one will feel right to you as our body attunes to it's healing needs and will guide you in the right direction. Metaphysical properties have been passed down through the centuries, and also by sensitive people in the near past who work closely with these healing stones, so you will find a lot of different meanings and properties associated with each crystal you come in contact with.  


When coming to choose your crystal always go with your intuition as this is the best key to getting a crystal that will work for you and your body's needs weather it is intended to physically or emotionally heal. I find Rose Quartz a good crystal to start on whilst working with the heart it helps to balance out emotional difficulties one may be trying to overcome, where as another good option to consider is the 7 Chakra Crystal sets giving you 7 crystals that work with the body's natural energy centers helping you to feel more relaxed and recharged. All crystals can be found mostly in shops or online.

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