Katie Price Hair - Which size velcro rollers?

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Which size rollers is Katie price wearing in her hair?

Katie Price - What Size is her rollers?

Katie Price is wearing velcro or cling rollers in her hair the sizes are 32m (yellow), 40mm (blue), 61mm (green) & 70mm (white) these are 'Red' in my shop. The sizes required by you may differ as this will depend on the length and thickness of your hair.

When using any type of rollers just remeber this simple rule;

The tighter you want your curl to be then the smaller size roller you use - If you require looser the curls then the larger the roller needed. If you have trouble getting your rollers to stay put use small pin curl clips to secure them in place - it's more comfortable than roller pins!

to create volume on the top use large rollers for long thick hair I recommend from 61mm - 80mm (these are HUGE!) To create an alternative look alternate the sizes. For more bounce underneath use smaller rollers as in the picture of Katie price - this promote lift and also means that your curls are less likely to drop.

Above all else always make sure that you use a good styling product like L'Oreal Pli or Schwarzkopf Silhouette Mousse 'strong hold' finish - use with a heat source as most styling products are heat attivated these days use in conjuntion with a good hairspray to fix your style.

Hairspray is great if you have no other styling product to hand - simply section your hair as you would to insert your roller and spray the section with hairspray, add roller, roll to base, leave to dry thoroughly.

Take a look at my velcro rollers in my store!

I hope this guide helps? Please contact me if you need further advice.

Kindest regards

Sarah :)

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