Kawasaki Motorcycle Fairings Buying Guide

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Kawasaki Motorcycle Fairings Buying Guide

Kawasaki, a popular manufacturer of motorcycles and accessories, redefined the motorcycle fairing market over the years. The company achieved this feat by producing a variety of full, half, and other size fairings. The purpose of a fairing was originally design-related to help cut the drag on racing bikes, but many street bike owners also love the sleek look of fairings. Thanks to innovations from Kawasaki, including the introduction of the Kawasaki Ninja in 1984, motorcycle fairings on street bike models quickly became more prevalent.

When buying fairings, bike owners must decide what kinds of fairings they want on their bikes. If replacing damaged fairings, they should try to get the same types of fairings as the ones currently on their bikes. They also have to keep in mind material types, sizes, and whether to purchase new or used fairings. Finally, they need to assess the different places that sell fairings, including local Kawasaki shops, the Kawasaki website, a wide variety of aftermarket parts shops, and commercial online sites like eBay.

The Purpose of Fairings

Motorcycle fairings fit over the bodies of bikes and provide many benefits. First, they provide aerodynamic designs for those who like to race their bikes. By cutting down on overall air drag, the bike speed improves greatly. Such fairings require a complete aerodynamic design from front to rear, all working together to produce the intended effect.

Second, while fairings designed for aerodynamics provide some protection from wind, rain, and road debris on racing bikes, not-so-aerodynamic fairings can provide even more coverage for riders. Bike owners put these type of fairings on touring or cruiser bikes.

Last, motorcycle fairings protect the bodies of bikes from damage, especially when riders have to lay the bikes down in accidents. Fairings additionally give bike owners a place to secure headlights, electrical parts, and other components. They also allow owners to express their individual tastes through a huge variety of fairing styles, and this gives their Kawasaki motorcycles unique, customised looks.

Types of Kawasaki Motorcycle Fairings

When buying Kawasaki motorcycle fairings, bike owners need to find fairings that fit the bikes they own. The table below lists the different fairing sections available for purchase, ranging from full to half fairings.

Fairing Type


Full Fairing

Covers the top and bottom of the motorbike

Provides protection from road debris, as well as the wind

Protects the engine in case of an accident

Half Fairing

Protection extends from the handlebars down

Typically features a windscreen

Owners can buy kits to extend to a full fairing

Batwing Fairing

Only covers the handlebars to just above the headlight

A small windshield helps keep the wind out of the rider's face

Rear Fairing

Creates a more dynamic form on the bike

This helps reduce overall drag on the bike, increasing overall speed

Side Fairing

Some bikes have side fairings to protect the body and engine of the motorcycle in the case of a laydown, such as in an accident

Belly Pan

Works in conjunction with a half fairing to help with the aerodynamics of the bike

Diverts the air flow away from the engine


Provides protection from road debris and rain

Depending on bike style, can provide some aerodynamic benefits

Easiest to install and remove

Bike owners can buy motorcycle fairings as individual pieces or as complete sets. When buying any fairing pieces, they need to make sure they have the right sizes before making any purchases.

Kawasaki Fairing Materials

Another decision that bike owners must make when buying motorcycle fairings includes the desired materials. Motorcycle fairings come in a selection of materials, including plastic and fibreglass, as noted in the table below.

Material Type


ABS Plastic

Created through the use of injection moulding

Makes up the most common fairing material

Stronger and more rigid

Costs less

Carbon Fibre

Lightweight and strong material

Used mainly on sport or racing bikes

Difficulty in manufacturing leads to higher cost compared to other materials


Mixed with other materials such as Kevlar to make a durable, lightweight material

Easily repaired

Lighter and more durable than ABS plastic

When choosing motorcycle fairing materials, bike owners should remember the strengths and weaknesses of each material type. This should help them determine the right materials based on their budgets and what demands they place on the motorcycle fairing materials.

Kawasaki Motorcycle Fairings Size

One of the most important considerations when purchasing a motorcycle fairing involves the fairing size. Fairing kits come in three standard sizes: small, medium, and large. A bike owner should base the size of the fairing chosen on the overall size of the bike. Bike size is based on the weight of the rider, with lighter riders able to ride smaller motorcycles than heavier bike riders. If buyers are unsure about which bike sizes are right for them, they should consult a salesperson at local Kawasaki or motorcycle dealers.

Fairing Differences

The type of fairing needed depends largely on the reasons for purchasing it. A big difference exists between fairings manufactured for racing bikes as opposed to those made to protect riders. Sleek fairings designed for racing help increase bike speed by reducing air drag around the bike. These fairings are obvious in their design and keep the same design themes throughout the flow of the fairings on the motorcycles.

Owners looking for protection from the wind and road debris should look for fairings that offer ample protection. Another consideration is important for those who like to work on their bikes because a full fairing requires removal before a bike owner can work on it. In these cases, a half fairing might better serve a bike owner's needs.

Kawasaki Motorcycle Fairings Condition

When purchasing Kawasaki motorcycle fairings, owners have a choice between buying new fairings or used fairings. This decision most likely comes down to budget considerations. An owner should never buy a used fairing that has any problems associated with it. Shoppers should likewise pay attention to the sellers' item descriptions to make sure the fairings they plan on buying fit their Kawasaki motorcycles.


Most bike owners buy new Kawasaki motorcycle fairings for their bikes. As long as the fairing price fits within whatever budgets they set, buying new is the best option. One issue to keep in mind when shopping for new fairings is the paint colour. Bike owners might need to have fairings painted to match their bikes before installation. When doing this, they should consider using professional paint shops for these jobs.


Bike owners also have the choice of buying used Kawasaki motorcycle fairings. By doing this, they can often save money. They should read product listings carefully to make sure no problems exist with the products. If shoppers have questions, they should ask sellers for more information.

Available Kawasaki Motorcycle Fairings

While most motorcycle fairings might seem the same, a variety of fairings exist for different Kawasaki models. The section below contains some of the various Kawasaki fairing kits for different models, including the Ninja, ZZR, and ZX, among others.

  • ZX
  • Ninja
  • R
  • ZZR
  • ZXR

Buyers should examine their motorcycles carefully to make sure they are absolutely certain about the model numbers before purchasing parts. An exact and proper fit is very important for motorcycle fairings, even for the fairings on racing models.

Finding Kawasaki Motorcycle Fairings on eBay

If you want to buy motorcycle products, including fairings, you may want to visit the eBay marketplace. Finding high-quality items at reasonable prices gives shoppers on tight budgets some wonderful options. To begin your search, go to any eBay page and type directly into the search box. Use terms like 'Kawasaki motorcycle windshield' or 'Kawasaki body kit', for example, to begin your search. Then narrow the list down by clicking on the filter options, which allow you to be even more specific about your product choice. Check out eBay's Search Tips page for more advice on how to search the site effectively and maybe take a minute to browse through eBay Shops.

Before buying, look through a seller's feedback comments to review the input from other shoppers regarding the seller's product quality and customer service level. Also, read through the product listing to make sure your requirements are met by the product, including cost, size, colour, quantity, and quality, among other considerations. Click the Ask a Question link on the seller’s listing page if you need to ask more questions.


The iconic Kawasaki motorcycle look typically includes the flaring design of its fairing line. Whether they are in the well-known, bright Kawasaki green or in another of the many colours available, Kawasaki motorcycle fairings give bikes an aerodynamic edge while protecting the rider from wind, rain, and debris. Depending on the needs of owners, they can buy fairings in a variety of body designs. From full to half to batwing fairing designs, Kawasaki offers a full range of products to meet every need.

Bike owners should make sure they buy the right size fairings according to bike size, which is primarily determined by rider weight. They should likewise make sure that all fairing pieces remain secure and check them occasionally for damage. When a fairing piece does become damaged, it should be replaced with a new or used item as soon as possible. When searching for Kawasaki motorcycle fairings, bike owners can find them at local Kawasaki shops, online at various Kawasaki parts websites, and on eBay.

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