Keep Warm This Winter!

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MACHONUS ADVICES - Keep warm this winter!

There are number of things you can do to keep you warmer this winter.
Apart from my trading on eBay I am leading a very active lifestyle. All sports which I  am going in for summer I am continuing them in winter.  I am paraglider and I am running o lot so please follow these my three tips to make sure you are warm and safe over the next few months: 

Dress appropriately

- Wear thin layers of clothes rather than one thick layer
- Choose clothes made with wool, cotton, or fleecy synthetic materials

Stay active

- Don’t stay sitting still for long periods
- Spread chores through day and alternate between rest and activit
- Exercise without taking risks in wet or icy weather

Eat well

- Eat at least one hot meal a day
- Sip hot drinks regularly throughout day and before bedtime
- Keep a flask of hot drink by your bed should you wake up feeling cold
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