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One of my most passionate past times is practising the application of makeup in different forms, through the use of contouring and blending. I often waste hours testing out new looks. Be they dramatic, theatrical, natural, glam etc. My favourite part of the face has always been the eyes. As I feel the eyes add the most character to the face and can be the most diverse feature when it comes to creating new looks. Palettes of eyeshadow are often best when practicing makeup on the eyes as they carry various shades which can be used to create smoke and dimension without the uneccessary task of having to find and match individual eye shadows. My favourite three palettes that I have ever test are the Urban Decay Naked range. I know various people who swear by these palettes as I do myself. The have an exceptional range of tones and stay on the face through out the entire night. The user of these palettes is able to create a professional look at a reasonable price and they also give the buyer alot for their money. Palettes are also available in ranges of up to 200 colours such as the manly palette, which is brilliant for those who want to used bold and bright colours within their look, or for those who want to use colour to create a costume look. For someone who is looking to create a professional look upon their eyes the use of blending brushes is vital. Blending the colours into each other is the finishing touch on any look. It is a timely effort but the finishing effect is well worth the time. Brushes come in a lot of different set types some specifically for beginners and some for more practiced hands but a good brush will result in a good look where as the use of a bad brush will have an obvious effect on the face.
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