Keeping a lookout for dodgy eBay sellers

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Sometimes you will purchase a very expensive item of ebay.  And the majority of eBay sellers are 100% good sellers like every think. you get someone out there that would spoil everything.  That is life and we will never change it no matter what.  I always check the feed back which is very important to see what kind of person you are dealing with.  By seeing what he or she purchases so you can make up some kind of picture.  As you do not see the person as it is all done  Over the Internet.  Or by e-mail.  Never pay by western union.  Under no circumstances.  The best method of payment is PayPal chq credit card.  This way you got some kind of comeback.  Meaning if you are dealing with a criminal the police have got something to go on.  They can check bank statements and credit card statements of that person as you cannot obtain a cheque-book or credit card without producing personal details which are  on record.  And if it's very expensive do not part with a penny until you got the goods in your possession meaning you got to go out of your way to go and pick up and if you're satisfied and only then.  Do you part with your cash.  If they do not accept this and there must be something wrong because nobody turns down good business unless they have got something to hide.  That is my tip for today, John  topman 2006 if you have been conned over the Internet.  Please e-mail me and we all stick together,



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