Keeping your Cat Safe, Cat Collar Tips!

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If your cat loves to explore the neighbourhood there are many dangers that he will be exposed to.  While the urban jungle might be mostly safer than the wilderness that wild cats live in there are still hazards that your cat will have to face.  Some cat collars have been designed with this in mind, and incorporate safety features to keep your cat out of trouble from high vis to high tech, here are some of the ways that cat collars can complement your cat's survival skills.

If price is no object, and you simply have to know where your cat is at all times, then you may already have heard about GPS cat collars, which are fitted with a device that allows you to track your pet´s movements wherever they roam.  However sometimes the best ideas are the simplest, for example, some cat collars feature a small section of elastic.  While not as high tech as GPS, this safety features allows a cat to squeeze out of their collar should it become snagged on something.  If your cat loves to roam around outdoors this type of breakaway cat collar may save them from becoming trapped in tree branches, hedges or fences.

Another safety feature seen in many collars is some form of reflective material that will make them easy to spot in a car´s headlights, helping to avoid any nasty road accidents.  The collar may be entirely reflective or may have some decoration that will catch the light.  You can also buy small flashing lights to attach to your cat´s collar, making them easy to find in the dark.

The final safety of a cat collar is a bell.  If you can´t see your cat, at least you will be able to hear him tinkling away whenever he moves.  Bells are also a great way to prevent your cat from bringing home 'gifts' or birds or mice, as they will have a warning before he pounces!

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