Kelly Ewing Designer Clothing Range

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Kelly Ewing..... never heard of her until I was shopping in Doncaster's Seen clothing store... Well I say shopping more like running round frantically to find something for Ladie's Day at Doncaster Races (and did'nt end up going after all that as I was ill the following day:-( .) When I stubbled across the Kelly Ewing range, I must admit a little pricey some of the stuff, but if you want quality and not to be wearing the same stuff as everyone else then this is the one to go for, these item's are all hand made (part by Kelly Ewing herself) Kelly is a up and coming designer from Leed's starting life on the market stall's she soon became reconised for her quality and individuality for her design's well fitting and made to last, most of her stuff is sold in little designer shops like Seen and Sarah Coggles (York) I wished that I had known about her stuff before I went on my mad dash round Doncaster to find something unique, as it would have saved a lot of trouble, but I know where I will be shopping this year... I am now selling this basque that I bought (£160) on ebay for £69 or best offer (as it no longer fit's due to not going to the gym enough) so thought I would give it to someone who would make some use out of it.

Please if you are going to invest in one item this year make it a Kelly Ewing you really wont regret it, as much as this item cost me I dont regret the cost, just that it does not fit anymore... I like the idea of not bumping into anyone wearing the same thing as me... so this is the only way to go

Remember Kelly Ewing..

Thanks for your time if you require any further info please feel free to contact me at any time

Donna ....x


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