Kelly Holmes heart rate monitor buying guide.

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Hello and welcome to the guide for Kelly Holmes Heart rate monitor.
This watch is cheap compared to most other heart hate monitors, this is what most professional would consider the budget end of the heart rate monitor spectrum.

But for the money you do get a decent heart rate monitor.

Firstly the chest strap is comfortable with a good adjustable strip, the rubber contacts are soft compared to other budget models which in turn you will forget about, some of the harder straps on budget models feel like a constant reminder of why it was cheap.

Secondly the watch is not prone to rogue infra red signals, cheap heart rate monitors tend to be prone to outside infra red signals, affecting accuracy went used in built up areas, The Kelly Holmes monitor is not affected by this problem, but don't use it with a wireless cycle computer, because it will disrupt it unless that is a high end unit too.

Thirdly the display is good and clear, displaying you heart rate and VOX max percentage along side, handy for heart rate zone workouts, it's easy to read quickly too.

It's easy to use but hard to master, this watch has lots of feature, which if you want to use them correctly, you will need to refer to the ownership manual, which is not light reading.
For me it is a good watch, it gives me the information i needed clearly and it was an accurate monitor, note for the men out there, the watch comes in silver too.

Highly Recommended product.
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