Kenner Super Powers 1984

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For my first guide I am going to talk about Kenner Super Powers and just give some general information if you are starting out collecting this line.

12 backs

I am just going to talk about the 1984 line in this guide and leave the other 2 for another time. 
The Super Powers line began in 1984 by a company called Kenner (following on from their very successful Star Wars line).  The toy line was first offered to Mego and Mattel but was finally taken by Kenner.
The first 12 figures that Kenner produced are called the 12 backs ( much like Star Wars), These were produced in 1984 and included:
  1. Superman
  2. Batman
  3. Robin
  4. Green Lantern
  5. Flash
  6. Aquaman
  7. Hawkman
  8. Wonder Woman
  9. Lex Luther
  10. Brainiac
  11. Joker
  12. Penguin
To recognise a 12 back look on the back of the card and you will see 12 figures pictured in a row. You will also see the free poster part underneath this. All 12 figures included a free poster which sat underneath the figure inside the bubble.
You can also find these figures on 23 backs which were produced in 1985, but I will go  into more detail in the 1985 guide.

Vehicles/ Playsets
  • Lex- Soar 7- This was produced in 1984 and is Lex Luther's vehicle. It came with a removable Kryptonite crystal ( to defeat Superman) and claws to carry an action figure. 
  • Batmobile- Produced in 1984 and of course we all know who this belonged to. Nuff said! ( sorry for the Marvel comics quote)
  • Supermobile- Produced in 1984 belonging to the one and only Superman. This is similar to the Lex-Soar 7 in size and even shape.
  • Hall of Justice- Produced in 1984 and possibly being one of the best playsets ever made ( in my opinion) this was the main playset to play with all your figures in. With a landing pod on the top, trap doors and a prison cell not to mention how it opened up from being a carrying case this is an amazing playset. The box is very large in size and the colours on the front are incredible.
This was just a quick look into the 1984 super Powers line and what there is to collect. I hope this gave some help to someone who needed some information about the 1st wave of Super powers.
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