Kenneth Jay Lane Strawberry Necklace - Genuine or Not??

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The big question - are they GENUINE? I am a huge fan of Kenneth Jay Lane and am lucky enough to own a few pieces of his gorgeous jewellery - my lovely husband is very generous!  I am always on the lookout for new pieces to add to my collection.

I have recently noticed that there are sellers on EBAY who are selling KJL strawberry necklaces for highly discounted prices.  In the UK, these necklaces retail for around £75 (Netaporter) and in the US, around $120 so are these necklaces too good to be true?  Well, if you got one at a big discount and the item looks great, does it matter?  Probably not except that some of these cheap necklaces are then being sold/ auctioned onwardly at full designer retail price in the UK.

I can't say for certain that these necklaces aren't the genuine article but the price alone should raise alarm bells.  I was very tempted but was put off when one seller didn't reply to my question as to whether the item is genuine.  There are some very good quality imitations available in the States which are priced according.  I am not saying that all the necklaces on EBAY are imitations - but as a buyer, you should be aware of the possibility of fake items.  If  you are paying designer prices, make sure you are receiving the genuine article.  Some key tips to help you through the minefield:

  • Buy only from reputable websites - Netaporter, Zentosa, Maxandchloe, Patriciafield, etc and check out their range and descriptions (length of chain, size, colours available).  If you do choose to buy on EBAY.....
  • Check out the photos - are they of the actual item or have they been taken from other websites (contravenes EBAY's rules) - ask for more pictures if you are not sure.  Sellers of the genuine article should be happy to provide more detail!
  • Ask lots of questions - the seller should provide some detail about the necklace (size, chain, signature tag, branded packaging if any?) - if there are no details, ASK!!  Does the detail provided match the detail on the reputable sites, eg, size of strawberry and importantly, length of chain?
  • Even imitations can have a KJL tag!
  • Use your common sense - where has the seller purchased the item from and does it add up?  For example, if they say they have purchased them all from a chain store and therefore paid retail price - why would they sell them at a discount?  Sellers need to make a profit and is it really likely that they are lucky enough to receive several unwanted genuine KJL gifts!!! 
  • Check the seller's feedback as a buyer - it can be quite revealing! 
With Christmas shopping in full swing now, there will be lots on the market - grab yourself a bargain but just make sure you get what you think you are getting!  I hope this helps...
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