Kids' Bike Buying Guide

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Kids' Bike Buying Guide

By its simple definition, a bike is a vehicle driven by pedals that is made up of a frame, two wire-spiked wheels, a seat, and steering handlebars. In today's market there are urban bikes, kids' bikes, trail bikes, mountain bikes, dirt bikes, cross bikes, and more. Bikes for kids are becoming especially popular. Parents do well to understand this product and shop wisely. Kids learn as they play. Riding a bike can bring them fond memories of the fun and freedom that comes from youth. A variety of kids' bikes can be purchased on eBay.

The History of the Bike

The history of a bicycle can be traced back to the 'walking machine' invented by Baron von Drais in 1817, to help him walk around the royal gardens faster. It was not ridden but improved the speed. The machine was made of wood. It advanced through the Velocipede/boneshaker, which applied the pedals. This invention was eventually followed by the High Wheel Bicycle. The High Wheel Bicycle was modified during the centuries to reach the design of the modern bike that we are familiar with today. There was the The High Wheel Safety, The Hard-Tired Safety, the Pneumatic-tired Safety, The High Wheel Tricycle, and the kid's bike. In the past, bicycles were simply used to get from one point to another. Today bikes are not only used for daily transportation, but they are also used for entertainment and competitions. The kid's bike was introduced after World War ll and modified as technology advanced and people modified their cultures.

Understanding Your Kids' Bike Parts

Children develop through the processes of socialization, both acculturation and enculturation. Conventionally, there are a variant of a number of products designed to help children play or spend their leisure time. The selection of a bike for a child has a lot to do with safety. To make sure their children are safe, parent do well to understand the basic makeup of a kid's bike.

Frame and Fork

The most important part of a bike is the frame. The frame is the body of the bike, and it sustains all the other pieces needed in order for the device to function properly. It might also be the most expensive bike part that has to be replaced. Although they were much heavier, steel frames where used in the past because they were less expensive. Today frames are usually made from aluminium or carbon fibre because they need to be light and durable. Another important part of the bike is the fork. The fork is added to the frame. Like the frame, the fork can be made from different materials.

Wheel Rims

Depending on the bike, wheel rims can be made from steel or aluminium. They can also have single, double, or triple walls. The more walls, the more resistant the rims will be when fronting off-road bumps, street curbs, or rocks.

Brake Systems

Brake pads are made from carbon, organic material, ceramics, or synthetic material. The pads made from an organic material are the cheapest. The organic material will last for a short period if they are used very often.

 Finding the Right Size in Kids' Bikes

Bikes come in a variety of different sizes. You may wonder then on how to determine the correct bike size for your kid. Because human bodies do not conform to one standard set of dimensions, manufacturers attempt to size their bikes to meet the needs and shapes of a wide range of buyers. However, the ways bikes are measured sometimes vary from one manufacturer to another, which makes selecting the right size even more difficult.

For this reason it would be wise to utilize a bike chart that is specifically for children. These charts match bikes to children by age, height, and bike wheel size. Therefore, the proposed ages range from two years to youth (i.e. above 12 years) which covers the height of 26-62 inches. The bike wheel size will range from 12-24 inches. It should be noted that the above is not giving a fixed outcome. Parents should leave room to adjust for a proper fit. Note that, unlike the adults bikes which are measured in regard to frame size, kid's bikes are measured in wheel size i.e. The size is not the only determining factor. How and where the bike will be used should also be considered.

Understanding Your Kids' Bike Materials

The material is the backbone of a kids' bike. Here are four main materials to look out for as your shop.

Hi-Tensile Steel

Pros: it is very strong, the most affordable, nice to ride, and usually availability in online marketplaces like eBay.
Cons: Weight of the material is quite heavy. This can rust easily if it's not cared for.

Chromalloy Steel

Pros: The machine is very affordable and lightweight.
Cons: Rusts if it isn't taken care of properly.


Pro: The bike is light, powerful, and low-cost.
Cons: More expensive than the high tensile steel.

Other Materials: Carbon-Fibre, Carbon and Aluminium

Pros: It is the lightest bike and it is very strong. It is also rust and corrosion resistant.
Cons: It is the most expensive.

Types of Bikes for Older Kids

In the early years of bike manufacturing the choices were limited. Today's bikes fall into three general categories-road, mountain or hybrid. Parents may struggle to select appropriate bikes for older kids who are developing healthy exercise habits. Here is a list of the three main variations of kids' bikes.

Road Bikes

The road bike is designed for speed on the open road and encourages a low position to avoid wind drag. They can be hazardous for beginners trying to navigate bumpy curbs, uneven roads, and pothole covers. In fact, the impact coming off high curbs, combined with the weight of the rider, can bend the wheels. Additionally, the rider would want to choose a handlebar height that enables him to look forward without straining his neck.

Mountain Bikes

These are crafted for rough terrain. The big, lumpy tires are good for gripping rocky trails. However, the heavy shock absorption of the mountain bike generates friction on city streets, slows the bike, makes pedalling difficult, and causes fatigue in the rider. They, like the road bike, are designed to position the rider low.

Hybrid Bikes

The hybrid is touted among bikers as the best of both worlds. It combines many of the characteristics of the road and the mountain bikes.

Keep Your Kids' Bike Safe

Kids' bike safety is a major concern. Remember that the front tyre wears out several times faster than the back tyre, since this is where the brakes are applied. If the front tyre is wearing out, you can move it to the back. Rear tyres that are wearing out should not be moved to the front unless you have no choice. However, it is best for the front tyre to be replaced with a new one if it has been damaged. It's important to make sure your child's bike tyres are safe and ready to ride.


Concerned guardians who are serious about the safety and happiness of their children need to consider a wide selection of kids' bike products in order to find the right one. A variety of kids' bikes can be purchased from eBay.

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