Kids Craft Kits Buying Guide

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Kids' Craft Kits Buying Guide

The imagination of a kid is limitless. They see unicorns when adults see horses. They dream of flying to the moon at night, and in their mind they can turn ordinary daily objects into sparkling faeries or ferocious monsters. They are constantly amazed by the colours around them and fascinated by the cartoon programmes they see on TV, which enrich their vivid imagination. The images, colours, and stories in their minds need to be expressed. Sometimes, kids do so by telling wild tales, and other times they do it through play. Yet another way for kids to express their creativity is through their hands.

Children's crafts are just some of the things that children can use to express their creativity. To be able to fully express themselves, they need the right tools, such as glue, glitter, popsicle sticks, paint, beads, and so on, which could be a lot of things to buy. Thankfully, however, there are kids' craft kits that include every single tool, material, and embellishment needed for an art project. Understanding these small projects—as well as the tools needed in order to get started—helps the kids a lot to unleash the creative force within them, and in the process, helps the parents understand their kids more.

Children's Crafts

Every kid is curious about something, and it takes an observant and encouraging parent to find what his or her kid's interesrs are and find an activity that fits. Parents can shop around online to find suitable children's crafts.. An art project allows kids to learn new things while having fun. It can also be a way for parents and their children to bond. In teaching a kid to paint, a parent can buy a canvas and draw designs for the kid to use as a template. Then parents need to buy pots of paints and paintbrushes. Gathering the needed tools and materials means spending a considerable amount of time walking, inspecting, and picking out things inside a brick-and-mortar or online shop.

However, to save trouble and allow more time to do the project, parents can buy a kids' craft kit that contains all the needed tools and materials for an art or a fun activity. Parents can buy a set for painting by the number that includes paint brushes, pots of paint, and designs.

Popular Kids' Craft Kits

There is an assortment of kids' craft kits that parents can buy online. The most common are jewellery making kits, sand art kits, sequin art kits, paper folding kits, photo frame creation kits, finger puppets kits, and action figure and doll kits.

Jewellery Making Kits

Very popular among little girls, a jewellery making kit for kids is complete with assorted beads made of clear or solid-colour plastic, cords, ready-made plastic rings and earrings, paints, and a paintbrush. The paint and paintbrush allows girls to set the colour of their toy jewellery. Parents can help their girls in painting and threading the beads to make a necklace, a bracelet, or a hair adornment. In some jewellery making kits, the beads come in a variety of colours, patterns, and textures. The jewellery making kits usually have instructions and tips, so parents can guide their kids through the process.

Sand Art Kits

Sand art is popular amongst children. There is just something fascinating about seeing sands in different colours like purple, pink, blue, and green, so kids just love them. Some sand art kits come with bottles of assorted shapes, and kids can fill each bottle with layers of different-coloured sands. These kits include bottle caps, a funnel, a spoon, and a scooping tool. Another variety of sand art kit is the sand art by the numbers kit, in which kids can create sand art pictures by themselves following simple instructions.

The sand art kit includes a number of pre-printed images, a variety of colours of sand, and an instruction book. A pre-printed image has numbers that kids can peel to reveal the sticky part, so sand can stick on it. Kids start pouring sand on parts with number one labelled on them and work their way up.

Sequin Art Kit

Somehow related to sand art kits by way of creating a colourful image, sequin art kits are also popular amongst children. Instead of sands of different colours, kids complete an image using sequins. Just like a sand art, a sequin art grabs attention, especially when it is composed of many sparkling colours like a mandala image.

Sequin art kits come with pre-printed images. To start creating a sequin art, the parts must be peeled off to reveal the self-adhesive surface. Kids can arrange the sequins one by one using a tool often called "magic wand" that picks up sequins. Although common types of sequin art kits are two-dimensional images, there are three-dimensional forms available on the market.

Paper Folding Kits

Kids love folding and forming papers into different shapes. A windmill kit, for instance, is a paper folding kit that comes with pre-cut windmill patterns that kids can fold and tuck to a stick. Then they seal them with a plastic stopper or peg. More complex paper folding kits include folding papers to make three-dimensional characters like farm animals, paper aeroplanes, mythical beasts, and cartoon people. Some paper folding kits are introductions to the more complex art of paper folding or origami. Paper folding kits contain instructions and tips that kids can easily follow.

Photo Frame Creation Kit

A great way to protect and display a captured moment is to create a do-it-yourself photo frame.. Photo frame creation kits come in different materials and themes. The frame itself can be made of wood, plastic, cardboard, or hard foam. Designs and embellishments vary depending on the theme of the photo. For a photo frame creation kit with a picket fence design, kids can get stick flowers, miniature two-dimensional picket fence made of wood. Others have stickers, sequins, attachments and push pins so kids can fully customise the design of the photo frame.

Finger Puppet Kits

Another common toy for kids is a finger puppet. Finger puppets are available in different shapes, from a family including grandma and grandpa to a family of bears, from cute herd animals to wacky monsters. Some finger puppets are made of ready-cut felt papers both for the body, teeth, and other parts of a finger puppet figure. Others are made of ready-cut vinyl or foam. Finger puppet kits are complete with plastic eyes, glue, and easy-to-follow instructions.

There are ready-made finger puppets that parents can find online, but if they want to get a child to do an activity, it is not a bad idea to buy finger puppets kits. Parents can even buy a miniature theatre stage so children and other family members can put on a play. The kits are ideal for children three years old and above as there may be choking hazards.

Action Figure or Doll Kits

Using the right materials and a kid's imagination, it is possible to create a custom action figure or doll, especially with a do-it-yourself kit. An action figure kit includes stuffing, eyes, fabrics, and other embellishments. A simple sewing might be required for these types of kit, so there are easy-to-do sewing materials included.

A baby or princess doll kit includes a template body for the doll. Also included are threads, fabrics, colour pencils, and face stencils to be used for the doll's body and its clothes. Laces, ribbons, gems, and beads are common embellishments parents would find inside a kit.

Summary of Popular Kids' Craft Kits

The table below shows the different kids' craft kits that can be found online. The table also shows the materials normally included inside each kit.

Popular Kids' Craft Kits

Materials Included

Kids' Starting Age

Jewellery Making Kits for Kids

Beads, cords, ready-made plastic rings and earrings, paints and a paintbrush

Five years old

Sand Art Kits

Pre-printed images, sands of different colours, instructions and tips

Three years old

Sequin Art Kits

Pre-cut images or 3D figures, sequins of different colours

Six years old

Paper Folding Kits

Pre-cut images, embellishments

Five years old

Photo Frame Kits

Wood, plastic, cardboard, or hard foam frame; can have stickers, sequins, attachments and push pins

Three to five years old

Finger Puppet Kits

Ready-cut felt papers, vinyl, or foam; plastic eyes, glue, and easy-to-follow instructions

Three years old

Action Figure Kits

Stuffing or base bodies, eyes, fabrics, and other embellishments

Eight years old

Doll Kits

Template body, threads, fabrics, colour pencils, and face stencils, laces, ribbons, gems, and beads

Eight years old

The table above is a quick reference guide for buyers of kids' craft kit. Another helpful item that buyers can see in the table is the appropriate starting age of kids for each kit.

Other Kids' Craft Kits

Because the toy industry is as large as a kid's imagination, plenty of kids' craft kits can be found online. Other craft kits are sewing kits, shapes kits, and tiara kits.

Sewing Kits for Kids

Sewing kits for kids are a great way to spark creativity and foster learning. These kits often include needles, scissors, fabrics, measuring tape, buttons, and a pin cushion.

Cut-Out Shape Kits

Bunnies and other cute animals are often the pre-cut cardboard or foam shapes included in cut-out shape kits.. The kits are complete with plastic eyes, glue, ribbons and other embellishments.

Tiara Kits

Tiaras made of cardboard, plastic, or foam are becoming popular these days. Little girls can decorate their princess tiaras with ribbons, gems, glitters, and stickers that can be included in the kit.

Buying Kids' Craft Kits on eBay

Toys and kits are widely available on eBay.. Buyers who are searching for kids' craft kits for any age can find them on eBay. Popular or common kids' craft kits come in a vast variety on eBay, and it take just a few moments to locate the perfect one for your kid. You can even find other individual materials or embellishments for children's crafts on eBay, such as playdough and glitter..

Searching for kids' craft kits on eBay is very easy. You only need to do a direct search by typing keywords, such as "finger puppet kits", in the search bar to find what you are looking for. If you need a more refined search, you just have to navigate the site to learn how to use options that filter your search based on preference. Moreover, when buying on eBay,, look for top-rated sellers who receive consistent positive feedbacks from buyers. This way, you have the assurance that your transaction with the seller is going to be a smooth one.


The minds of kids are swirling with imaginative, creative things. At times they express their creativity by telling stories, while at other times they do it through play. Another way to unleash the creativity of kids is to engage them in an arts and crafts activity by buying them kids' craft kits. These kits not only allow kids to learn while having fun but also provide them an outlet to express their creative ideas, and by extension, themselves. The convenience of finding all the materials and embellishments needed for an art or craft project inside a kit is also what pulls parents toward these products.

Kids' craft kits can also be a way for parents and children to bond by doing the activity together. Craft kits for kids also train them for useful skills that they can use when they grow up such as the skill learned from a sewing kit for kids. Buying age-appropriate kids craft kits that have complete tools, embellishments, and materials hones a kid's creativity and real-life skills, with the bonus of providing a way for a family to bond.

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