Kids Headphones- What to look for

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It's likely your kids use technology as much or more than you do!

There is a wide assortment of headphones available that are specially designed for kids. There are several attractive options available such as the ones with friendly faces on them. These add a great level of fun for your young listeners.

They can be used with several devices including car DVD entertainment systems, iPhone, iPod, MP3 players, PCs, laptops, and gaming systems. When you are out there buying head gear for your children, look for the ones with the following vital features:

• Light weight
• High quality
• Ergonomically sized for kids’ pint-sized heads
• Volume Limit Technology
• Adjustable headband
• Multi-platform compatibility
• Soft ear pads for comfort
• Moderately priced

In this era of computer games, MP3 players, and DVD players, kids are using headphones more often. According to health practitioners, at young age, exposure to recurrent loud noise makes kids prone to hearing loss. It also greatly increases the possibility of hearing loss due to aging, later in life. Choosing the right headphones for your kids now could avert hearing problems for them in the future.
Following are the important factors to consider while making the purchase.


Headphones that need least adjustments are safer since there is less possibility of them cracking or fraying from constant repositioning. Besides, a proper fit makes sure that your kids hear the complete range of sound in their headphones. Choose headphones that have foam padding on them. This would provide you kids’ ears extra comfort, and would also allow them to wear for longer duration without any need of adjusting them.


The most vital feature in kids’ head gear is volume control. Some headphones let you to change maximum limit of decibel levels and there are others that come with preset maximum levels (usually not above 85 decibels). In each case, your kid’s will be safe from eardrum-splitting sound levels, regardless of the sounds their audio player plays. According to experts, in-ear buds and headphones worn over the ear are safer options for kids as long as they have volume control.


In addition to buying a headphone with the right fit, it is also important to choose the ones that can stand rough handling. Frayed wires and cracked ear covers pose threat of electrical shock. If you have a very young kid or he has a propensity to destroy his toys, buy headphones that have strong plastic exterior over the ear covers, and also reinforced covering of cord at the place where it joins plug and ear covers.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

To save your kids from life-lasting hearing loss, give preference to noise cancelling headphones in circumstances that involve continuous loud noise, such as attending car races or riding on a loud bus.

These special headphones are very effective with bass or low noises. If your kid is exposed to strident treble or high-pitched noises, it is better to rely on foam earplugs that protect your kids’ inner ear.

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