Kids party games

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Musical Clothes - A new twist on an old game.......
Have a group of people sitting around in a circle...get a bag and fill it with "Wacky" clothing.
For example, toss in funny wigs, big pants etc.
Have someone playing music while the bag gets passed around. When the music stops the person holding onto the bag must grab an item out and wear it!
The person with the most articles of clothing wins.
Simple and fun for all ages.

Prize Bumps - Get as many sheets of paper as you have guests. Number each sheet with large writing, from 1 upwards. One number per sheet. So if you have 20 kids, you'd have 20 sheets numbered 1 to 20.
Have 5 or so prizes, wrapped up and numbered with random numbers (don't use a number that's bigger than the number of guests). So you might choose 5,7,11,15,19 if you have 20 guests. Label each prize with it's number.
Now lay the sheets of numbered paper around the floor in your party area. Get the music playing, and like musical chairs, when the music stops the children have to find a piece of paper and sit on it. Choose just one of your prizes, and the person on that sheet gets the prize.
Now start again. Take away the sheet that just won, and another sheet (not a prize sheet!). If a player is left standing when the music stops, they are out. Keep going until all the prizes have been handed out.
Good fun for younger kids.

Crazy Waiter - You need a couple of plates and ping pong (table tennis) balls for this kids game.
Split your party into two teams, and ask them to stand in 2 lines.
Now put a ping pong ball onto each plate a give one to the leader of each line. On the word go, their job is to run like crazy weaving in an out of each player down the line, whilst balancing the ball on the plate. Once he gets to the back of the line he then runs straight up to the front again (without weaving) and gives the plate to the next player, and runs down to the back position. Don’t forget, when handing over, the waiter must say the words "Here's your egg Sir!".
The next player repeats the process. If the ball falls off the plate the player must return to the front and restart.
First team to complete the challenge wins.

Silly String Tag - This game is so simple and easy, yet kids love it because it adds just a little something different.
You play tag (or even Freeze tag) just like you normally would, except that whoever is "it" is armed with a can of silly string (the spray string you get in party shops). They must hit you with the silly string in order for you to be "it".
Once someone else is "it", the can is passed to that person and so on. Be sure to have some extra cans on hand because once they start playing, they won't want to stop!

Steal The Jewel - The more people the better for this game.
Find a "Jewel" which can be anything small and not sharp. A plastic bottle cap or tennis ball is ideal.
Give the jewel to any one player. They get a five second start, then all the other players must charge after the jewel thief and try to grab it back by any means. You can tickle, tackle, sneak up, or whatever. Once someone gets the jewel they score a point, and then get a five second head start before the players come after them instead.
Keep going until everyone has had a turn, or you are all exhausted, or a certain score is reached. The person with the highest score wins.
This game can get quite rough. If you want to be less rough you can change the rules to allow a simple touch tag to release the jewel.

Jousting Bananas - Great outdoor game for a kid's party with a knights theme.
Get several bunches of bananas (enough for each participant to play a couple rounds). Have a pair face off, a good distance apart, each person being armed with a banana (in the peel).
Upon the starting signal, they gallop toward each other, "sword fighting" with their bananas. Rule: You may hit the bananas together, but may not hit the people with the bananas! The last one with a reasonably intact banana in his hand wins. The winner plays the next challenger. Give new bananas for each round and play until you run out of bananas.
The losers clean up the mess!

Bloodhound - Don't make the mistake I did and think it's too simplistic for even three year olds. They love it especially boys - aged 3 to 6.
The object of this game is for everyone to end up in the same room if they are all to receive "the prize". The prize can be a small toy or some candy.
The children pretend they are bloodhounds and must crawl on all fours into every room in the house or apartment. They have to crawl up and down the stairs if they exist. Then they must retrace the route and return to the room they started in.
When everyone is back in the room they receive the prize.
You can make it into a race by asking the "bloodhounds" to collect a coloured sweet from each room - have a pile of one colour of sweet per room. The first one back with all colours wins.

Bubble Butt - Line up two rows of chairs facing each other across the room (or outside). Place balloons on one row of chairs.
Everyone sits on the other chairs, facing the balloons.
On the signal, everyone must rush over to the opposite chair, sit on the balloon, and try to pop it with their weight. They then rush back to their chairs and sit down to finish. First person back wins!
This is a very exhilarating game.

Gifts By Numbers - Tell everyone to bring a gift to the party or you can prepare party favours for everyone. It can be as tacky or as trendy as you like. Write a number on every gift.
Write numbers on pieces of paper (from 1 to the number of people) and get everyone to draw a number. This is the gift they can open.
Sounds simple, but young kids love it.

Paper Plane Attack - Get a pile of paper (printer or copier paper is fine). Sort your kids into two teams. Give equal piles of paper out to each team and ask them to make a pile of paper planes. A lot of planes is good.
Place a tall divider across the room - a couch is good and get the teams on either side of the divider. Explain the rules to everyone. One the word "go" they must start throwing the planes across the divider to the other team. They can only pick up and throw one plane at a time. They get as long as you want - 3 or 4 minutes is fine. Give them a 10 second count down, then shout "Stop". They must all stop throwing immediately.
Now count the number of planes on each side of the divider. The team with the least number of planes wins

Limbo Dancing - You'll need a long smooth stick (or broom handle) and some music for this game. Anyone from about the age of 6 upwards can play.
Two adults hold the stick at a set height (quite high to start with). Have some upbeat music playing and ask your guests or kids to form a line and start limbo dancing under the stick. They cannot touch the stick , and only their feet can touch the ground. If anyone touches the stick or falls over they are out.
Once everyone has had a go, lower the stick a little and repeat the process, until you have a winner.

Touchy Feely - Get a bunch of bags that you can't see through. Select a number of household and kitchen items that have different textures and shapes such as:
- marshmallows
- noodles
- a specific coin
- peanut butter
and put each in a separate bag.
Have all of your guests sit in a circle facing outwards, with a piece of paper and pen each. Start passing the bags around the circle. They cannot look in the bag or turn around. They each put their left hand (or right if they are left handed) in the bag and write down what they think is in the bag.
After all of their guesses have been written down, collect and check them. Whoever gets the most correct wins!

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