Killer Heels/Platforms: how to keep them on your feet!!

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I thought I would just write this as I have recently bought a few pairs of gorgeous killer platform heels in my size but find that they are extremely heavy and have a tendency to slip off my feet when I walk and thought maybe other people may have the same problem. I have found three solutions to this and neither are to get rid of your shoes.

  1. Heel Grips, I got mine from Bettaware, Two sets for £3, A bargain. And they do exactly what they say. They grip your heel into your shoe. But you can get them from supermarkets etc.
     2.  You know those clear plastic thingy's you find in some tops, that keep the top on the coat-hanger, but you always end up cutting them out because they are a pain? Well do not throw them out!!!!! Use them like an elastic band over the top of your foot and tie under the shoe. Because they are clear you can barely notice them and they keep your shoe in place. You could always use elastic bands if you have them, but they are not usually clear, But I guess you could use ones that are the same color as your shoes.

    3.  Ribbon. Cheap, quick and easy. It comes in so many colors and widths and in some cases can make your shoes look great. I tried this one myself, Valentines night. It kept my shoes nice and snug. But it will need the occasional tweek.

I hope that this helps someone who has the same trouble as me and thanks for taking the time to read my little tip. xxxxx
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