Kindle Fire HDX

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Kindle Fire HDX for toddlers

If anyone is like me then I have been searching high and low for a tablet £100 and under for my 3 year old to watch videos on and play games. This is great it has a front camera so great for kids to take photos of themselves. It doesn't have a rear camera but that is something that didn't matter to me. The store is Amazons version of Android but it still has all your main apps and games and youtube was most important for me. It has good sound and good bright display and is 7" so not too huge for little hands but not too small either so easily operated. You can also buy cases on ebay that are kids bumper cases with a carry handle which fit this tablet perfectly. The charge also lasts quite a long time and is a standard micro usb so if it does get mislaid i am sure most people have one of these cables lying around.
I was going to buy an ipad mini but I have saved £50-£100 and this does perfectly for what I want it for. It does have a kid mode too which you can turn on to save them going on anything you dont want them to see. You are signed into your amazon account though when you first set up so worth disabling this as if i didn't i am sure my son would rack up lots of purchases through my amazon account as my card is saved on there! I did receive this product as part of a promotion from this brand.

I went for this at £100 on Ebay and it is fantastic for a toddler. It is fast and has apps that you can get for games

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