Kingston USB Drives. How to spot a fake.

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The Majority of the Kingston USB drives on Ebay are fake's.

There is one useful method to tell if they are fake or genuine.

On every model of the the Genuine Kingston USB, on one side of the metal USB connector, there are serial numbers, laser etched into the metal.

As can be seen here:

The majority of Fake Kingston USB's are nearly identical to the genuine article, in every way, right down to the packaging. [As a large percentage of the fakes are actually produced in the Kingston Factories in the Far East, by crooked employees]

But at this time, most of the fakes do not have the serial numbers laser etched into one side of the USB Metal Connector. Norrmally on a fake, both sides of the metal USB connectors are blank.

Ask the seller if the Laser Etched serial numbers are present on one side of the metal connector. If they are not it is likely to be a fake.

The Fake USB's do corrupt data. For instance if you were to employ the drag and drop method of backing up a number of folders, onto a fake USB, each folder containing hundreds of files. The folders would be copied, but many of the files, saved in those folders, would be missing.

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