Kinroad 50cc Choppers/Cruisers (xintian Kinroad xt50 q)

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Hi to all you skint people (like me) thinking of saving money by buying a chinese import. 

just a quick note about my experiences recently as ive bought 2 from ebay. one which was 2 year old and done 9000km and one 3 yr old with 2500km on it.

Firstly the obvious to point out is - FALSE ECONOMY.

They are probably fine for the 1st year from new. The main problem is the inferior quality of the parts. They take much less pressure to break and some parts will not last the 3 yr warranty they are given and become unsafe before the 1st MOT is due. The main problem with the ones i bought is the Rear wheel. They have a set of cush drive rubbers which as a design, would probably last 10,000 km before wearing slightly. The chinese ones last...well both were completely(dangerously) knackered and corroded/worn/gone!

Theres many other chrome looking parts that are plastic and easliy breakable. Most of the metal/chrome/alluminium parts are cheap and not properly cast/finished. The welding on the frames is quite inferior to any Japanese frames ive seen.

Maybe this would not be a problem if the parts were readily available at the price they should be- based on the quality of them.

Some of the parts can be replaced in the UK but mostly through interenet sites like - CHINA PARTS LTD. Other parts can take weeks to be ordered from china. The cost is much much higher than Jap parts and then you have to pay post.

Lots of 'Real ' bike shops wont even look at them never mind stock spares!

Bottom line.... dont buy a 2nd hand one!!

...and if you buy a new one, dont sell it when it becomes dangerous! fix it and then sell it or point out the fault! ( I was misled and ripped off)


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