Knitting Scarves from Eyelash Wool/Yarn

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I am writing this guide as so many people ask me for the instructions to knit a scarf from fancy Eyelash Knitting Wool/Yarn. I sell high quality Eyelash wool in my ebay shop which knits up beautifully! We have lots of lovely fashionable colours and it is selling fast.

I hadn't knitted for 15 years and when i got this wool I knitted a sample scarf and have 'been bitten by the bug' now my whole family have these scarves, everyone is getting them for Xmas and I am running out of people to knit for, so I have started knitting cushion covers in it, which are beautiful and greatly admired by everyone. It is easy and rewarding to knit have a go, you will get a great sense of achievement!.

Scarves....I use 7mm needles and cast on 22 stitches, using 2 balls of wool (3 if you want a longer scarf) I just use a knit stitch (not purl) and it takes about 3 hours to knit 2 balls. EASY AS THAT!!

Cushion covers....Again 7mm needles and cast on 60 stitches and keep knitting 4 balls will produce a piece approx 18inches x 36 inches which you fold in half and stitch around the it's quite a large cushion cover...use less wool and less stitches for a smaller one.

Mixing 2 strands of wool.....I have been experimenting with knitting 2 colours together and the results are dynamic. To knit a scarf with 2 colours I use 1.5 balls of each colour and knit on 10mm needles and use just 15 stitches.

I hope you found this useful and get as much enjoyment out of knitting as I am!

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