Knitting V's Crochet

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Knitting Or Crocheting

If you ask knitters and crochetier which art is the best, you will probably hear cry's from both sides go up about their art being the most beautiful and versatile art there is.  So today, we are going to look at which one really is the best.


Knitting has long been the basis for clothes throughout the world.  It is versatile and can be the basis for beautiful dresses, sweaters and much more.  It's two basic stitches, knit and purl can form the base for some of the most stunning designs.  The colours, styles and drapable fabrics can lead to the most amazing products. 


Crochet has also been a long standing favourite for those wishing to make stunning home decorations and its versatile nature can lead to ther great designs in clothing, accessories and home decor.

Whilst each one is considered and art form, it can truely take years to perfect.  Hopping in and out of fashion with people, it can almost fo to the stage around the world of forgotten existance.

The arts are making a comeback though, with people again wanting to revive the lost art or for that perfect hobby.

With so much joy to be made from the end product it is a worthwhile lesson to learn in either form.  Gone are the days of "Granny" sitting in her chair with her needles, it is now widely available to all age groups.

Children's patterns are made for simple items in either category and adults who have mastered the art are now producing items that they use for personal gratification or to sell at a profit.

We hope that you will give both a try and come to your own decision.  For us there is no clear winner, only the person creating can take that place.  The hours of joy in creating and the years of joy in admiring are surely worth the time in learning.

By Kelly Imiolek


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