Knives On Ebay

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I recently placed an electric carving knife on Ebay, which they removed after just a few minutes, with Ebay stating that serated knives were not allowed to be listed on ebay as they are classed as weapons. Out of curiosity I looked through the listings for electric knives and found 30 other knives listed.  I emailed Ebay and asked them why my listing had been removed while the 30 others were allowed to stay. They replied saying that the listings were mainly placed from America and that American ebay rules were different to English rules and that they had no control over the American listings as there rules were different.  There were also a number of listings placed in from the UK. I have reported these knives 3 times now and they are still listed on ebay. I have tried ro explain to ebay that rules are rules and if an illegal item is placed on the English Ebay Site then Ebay must remove it from the English site no matter from where it was placed.  So far even after 5 or 6 emails the knives or weapons as they call them they are still listed. I have tried to explain that rules are rules and they must apply to everyone, and on that principle these knives  (weapons) must be removed. I am afraid that I dont think Ebay will remove them, so like with feed back Ebay are applying double standards.    H W Atkins

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