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Despite all the bad press knife collecting has never been more popular,  Starting a collection however is not as easy as you may think.......

Have a "theme" in mind, obviously something that interests you personally, examples? Knives from Japan? The U.S.A.? Germany? or maybe our own legendary steel blades from Sheffield?                       Most, if not all Dealers on ebay are 100% honest, they want your purchase to be a knife that you will be happy with, a knife which you'll be proud to add to your growing collection, they are more than happy to offer you help and advice, now this is usually good advice as most have been trading for many years and they know what they're talking about.                                                                                  Knives from U.S. companys CASE and SCHRADE tend to be the most popular, closely followed  by the likes of  GERBER, COLD STEEL, BUCK, REMINGTON and SPYDERCO to name but a few! BOKER from germany offer both traditional and modern knives the quality of which is nothing short of outstanding!                                                                                                                                  SHEFFIELD is the home of many fine knives, most of which get passed down from generation to generation, the most well known blade being the legendary dagger from FAIRBAIRN SYKES  that made its name during world war 2 and is still going strong today.                                                       Bargains are not always what they seem when buying privatly on ebay,  Genuine Navy Seals fighting knives being offered for £1.50 are certainly worth avoiding, that is unless you want your collection to be full of worthless junk....Don't be tempted, save your money and wait till you can afford a knife worth collecting....Good Luck !! 

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