Know Your Disposable Gloves

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Latex, Vinyl, Nitrile, Powdered, Powder Free, Clear or Colours

A latex glove is made from a natural material of course and this can cause irritation to some. As a material it clings perfectly to the hand and provides perfect dexterity for finite tasks. Those allergic to Latex can choose a Vinyl glove. Vinyl doesn't sit snug on the hand so much so you may wish to try the stronger Nitrile gloves. Nitrile gloves provide extra resistance and are ideal for mechanical tasks where there is a higher risk of tearing.
All gloves come in powder or powder free. Some find the  powder a nuisance too.  The most common colours are opaque clear & blue typically used in the food service industry for identification reasons as most foods are not blue. Gloves can also be sourced in an array of colours mostly used in the medical or manufacturing for coding tasks.
Sizes normally range across 6/7 small, 8 medium, 9 Large & 10 extra large.  All are boxed in 100 in an outer of 10  boxes most often. 
The boxes have a perforated hole on top for dispense and are best held in a wall mounted single rack or triple for size options.
There are many manufacturers and brands available. In years past there have been some very poor quality imports  entering the market but things have improved recently . The biggest weakness is tearing when putting the gloves on caused by weak spots on the glove.
Our best sellers are Feelers and Bodyguard brands but there are many good products  available to choose from.

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