Knowledge about European Jewelry & Charms, Beads

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by Hong(Lisa) of 8Seasons

European Charm Bracelets

European Charm bracelets is a new trend of charms bracelets that emerged in Europe and North America in 2002. European charm bracelet include many brands, such as the most popular Denmark charm bracelets, Chamillia etc.

The great advantage of the European charm bracelets is its "Add a Charm" design idea. And the charms and beads are interchangeable if you wish. Each of the European jewelry has three segments divided by two threaded points, and the whole piece consists of snake chains,clips, charms, bails, glass beads, safety chains and other decorative accessories. Besides its decoration usage it also represents hope and opportunities. This start a new tide of jewelry fashion. It encourage women all over the world to show their charming.

Make your own European jewelry

European jewelry series comprise Charms, Bracelets & chain, Glass beads, Bail, and jewelry. This provides a pretty opportunity for you to design your own styles which express your taste. It will be unique as you in the world. You can also send your finished jewelry to your mother as her birthday present or your close friend to enhance your friendship. All of these will be unforgettable moments in your life. While you should update your jewelry fitting anytime to keep your jewelry is exclusive.

European Bracelet Clips

The European clip is a great device to keep your beads from sliding. On the one hand the two clips hide the threaded sections, and on the other hand it can be treaded as charms beads which will be a stylish way compared with other designs.

It is easy to use. Gently press the clip with your figure or insert your thumb nail in the interstice and press, then you can close and open the clip at once.

European Charms

Charms can be called the finishing touch of a European jewelry piece. It has a long history, and in different eras it stands for distinctive subjects & styles. The charm is connected with the trend of fashion. For instance, after the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, the bracelets with swords and skulls charms come into popularity. The Europan Denmark jewelry can't be separated from the Greek mythology. It is the symbol of hope and opportunity. Regardless of the troubles you experienced, it will always be the only consolation for human being. Each charm has its own significance. Take the European cat charms for example, it represents lucky and wisdom. There is a version that a cat has nine lives because the cat was always connected with mysterious and magical atmosphere. Choose charms according to our design and pay attention to the charms so as to come up with the fashion.

European Snake Chains

The chain is indispensable to accomplish jewelry. While not all the chains are available, the chain which you selected should be elegant and strong.

Bail fits Charm Bracelets

A bail can not only decorate the main chain, but also add extra style to the jewelry for its dangling. You can hang beads or charms as you desired. The bail attached in a European jewelry made it looks much more various and colorful.

Murona beads

The Murona beads originated from Murona (the glass island in Venice and also the original place of glass beads) of a Venetian island for years. There are many methods of creating a Murona bead. As the time went by the glassmakers has developed and refined the techniques greatly. It has made using the lampworking technique which was invented by a Murona glassmaker in 1700s. But the manufacture processes are still complex as each Murona bead must formed individually and the lampworking approaches are time consuming.

Maybe the drawback can be an advantage from another point of view. That is why each Murona beads are unique and valuable. So these beads are available to place on European jewelry. Most of the beads are decorated by flowers, dots, swirls and stripes. There are some fabulous and colorful beads in our on-line store. Add as many beads as you like to a full and satisfied look you want to achieve. Now find the prevalent Murona beads to match your European jewelry which only belongs to yourself.

European Glass Beads

Finish your bracelets or necklace with the European glass beads. The moving of the glass beads with your wrists moved will be dynamic. Most of the glass beads are embellished with small flowers and stripes. The advantage of this style is its simplicity but still fashion as well. Look at the images of our glass beads; you will be deeply attracted by their brilliant colors. And it is suitable to show your personality in summer. Now find the prevalent glass beads to match your European jewelry which only belongs to yourself.

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