Koi Carp care

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Koi carp fish are known for their long life and vivacious colors. This is a very famous variety that inhabits numerous outdoor ponds. If you have an outdoor pond, then you can make a beautiful addition of Koi into it. But there is a matter of concern; you need to take proper care of Koi. Earlier these fish used to live for more than 200 years but now their life cycle spreads around 30 years. Proper care of health and pond maintenance must be taken to enhance the longevity of lovely Koi. There are several varieties of Koi carp fish and they are famous for their diversity of beautiful vibrant colors and individual personalities. Apart from the general black and white colored Koi fish, there are countless other shades and combinations of colors such as green, blue, red, yellow, orange and silver. The established Koi environment provided for them is a major issue of maintaining the color of these fish. Koi have quite extraordinary social actions. Their behavior needs to be taken into account when they are put in the same pond that includes other fish. In general they are considered to be social fish and they co-exist with other fish quite naturally. But when fish of a very small size are swimming around them they might end-up to be lunch. This shows that Koi carp fish are opportunistic when it comes to food. Things like that need to be considered when one puts other fish together with Koi. One of the basic steps for proper care is the size of the pond. Koi fish act differently in small and large ponds. The size of the pond is rather the most significant part of taking care of Koi. The pond must have the capacity of at least five hundred gallons because these fish have a tendency to grow large depending on diet and pond size. If your pond appears to be too small for your Koi carp fish, then you might have to consider trading them out and replacing them with smaller fish. If you end up giving your fish to somebody else because they outgrew your pond, you should make sure that the other person is just as educated and passionate about keeping and maintaining these magnificent creatures. Those who keep Koi should know how to take care of them properly and should be ready to do so diligently. Keeping Koi can be a very satisfying experience if you follow the guidlines closely. To keep these fishes healthy, they need to be carefully maintained. The temperature of the water, the quality of the water, and the size of the pond are essential to keep Koi carp fish healthy. In their natural habitat they are used to cold water. It pays to do it right, right from the start. It can be very expensive if you did not keep them properly and you need to replace them. Koi fish love cold water and hence during the winter, they can stay in an outdoor pond. But the outdoor pond must be more than three feet deep. During the winters, Koi experience difficulties in digesting their food. This is the time when you should be careful with the process of providing food to them. As they cannot digest food properly during this period, continuous supply of food can damage their stomachs. During winter, take special care for feeding your Koi carp fish. If you are not sure about the exact type or quantity of food, consult an expert but do not experiment. You will love the presence of Koi in your outside pond. A little but consistent care of these fish can provide you a vibrant feeling. Taking proper care of your Koi fish is truly a satisfactory experience.
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