Kylie autographs two.

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Hi I am back with more news about Kylie signatures in my first guide I mentioned about this one shown here is the real signature note how  the letter K starts from slightly inward of her arm, pre print start on her arm. I have noticed gold pens used on most (not all) of her pre prints from her agent.

Here is a dedicated autograph which was done just for me when I was  chairman of the club and its guaranteed,

I still see a lot of fakes around, and also as with any signature these days there are now,

forged autographs  (someone copying the signature of a star)

secretary (someone who has been paid to legally  to sign for the star to meet demand)

pre prints (copies made to meet demand by agent or production team, music companies)

Reproductions (copies made my firms not related to the star in question and sold as  re productions)

Note some re productions on ebay state they are copies from real signatures, in most cases even these are fakes, and there is no history given to where they really got the real signature from which they then reproduced. Anyone can scan a picture and print it out, they have little or no value and add more problems for the serious collector. Kylie autograph has been re produced many times, As I write this today there are 140 signed pictures from Kylie on ebay,  I have found 3 real signatures. on average over half are fakes but since I wrote these guides I see less fakes which is good.

Her latest promo's was show girls not many around but guaranteed. (done before her cancer scare) Her agent has no more left of these. Her fever long thin promo were mainly all pre prints. (showing her arched back holding microphone and looking upwards)

Lets not forget rubber stamp signatures but Kylie has never used these.  Its rare to find a Kylie with any sort of written message added however these do appear if done for charity or something.


Please note the club has now a new chairman as from 2009 March however I still run the forum, I am doing a lot of in person collecting and don;t have the time to run the club now,  also I stated Dannii signature was much cheaper, however since her X factor tour the value has increased, up to about £50  I met dannii last year and obtained an in person signature which is exactly as her promo are from her agent, Danni has also signed many items including the photo I took of her via her agency, and is a great signer in the mail.  Danni has recently done a documentary called  Style Queen, about her amazing year 2010 when she had a baby and did loads of stuff, it was a fly on the wall type documentary all mail is passed onto her agent who sorts it out and every so often when Dannii is not busy she sits down and signs for fans, It clearly showed her signing recent promo's which fans and myself got in the mail this same year.  So why buy and take a risk on Ebay when she will sign in the mail remember the stamped address envelope. 

A lot more real signatures from Kylie are coming out of her agent but its still the case that she does not sign anything sent to her,  I have now seen a signed promo from her early days in Home and away her signature is very similar these are rare to obtain and could be more valuable  one recently sold for £75  and it was a  promo because of what was signed, remember damage effects all autographs soo keep em safe! email me  send me your kylie autographs scans.  would love to see more so do send them in.  Thanks.

2011 update:

Kylie has done another tour sadly I still wait to meet her, but she signed from the venues dedicating items sent to her I had a couple of cards done so I now have these to add to my collection, she signed for quite a lot of fans in the mail from venues all over the world, Good on you Kylie!

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