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With the growing number of fake Kylie Minogue and Dannii Minogue autographs on ebay at the moment I feel it worth mentioning a few points to look out for.Over the years I have  obtained 22 Kylie autographs. I was the Chairman of the Autograph Club of GB until  2009 when it was passed on to other to run in favour of my in person collecting of autographs. 

1, In the mail before her cancer scare Kylie signed many promo pictures advertising her latest  single however quite a few have been pre prints, a famous one is a close up shot showing her with her necklace  going across her mouth.  6 x 4 inches and in colour this promo shows her signature  starting from her right arm, (your left as you look at the picture) a real signature starts slightly in from the edge of her arm pre prints start exactly on the edge of her arm.

2. In person Kylie has been known to sign mostly 10 x 8's but there are many fakes around, Kylie signs in at least 3 different ways.  'Kylie x' is popular note the K loops over itself with a big loop not a small one,  ' love heart drawing Kylie X'  very common and most are real with a big love heart no arrow added,  again watch that K on kylie her signature is quite large not tiny and neat like her body! other ways she signs ' love heart Kylie Love heart' and some times its simply Kylie with up to 3 'X's at the end (kisses) .

3. Note kylies logo she uses on her stage and CD's etc this logo is not how she signs normally a lot of fakes around copy her logo design be aware they are all fakes.  1970's LP's her early hits such as the famous one with her hair shaped like a hat are normally found at most car boot shops and charity shops, these where rarely signed unless  you met her.

4. I have been collecting for many years now and Kylies  since early 1980, she has only ever once dedecated and signed one item I have sent her  normally items sent to Kylie's agent are never signed but you do get the signed promo's. So if someone says they sent the picture to Kylies agent to be signed its a fake, unless they have proof it was for a special charity event or reason. She is simply too busy! However, in 20011 I wrote to Kylie via her tour at different venues and she signed for myself and others she also signed anything which was sent to her including 10 x 8 etc  these where dedicated  items, and none dedicated so I obtained my 2nd signed card dedicated this way in 2011 (see 7)

5. Bad fakes are scribbles a K and a few scribbles unreadable has to be avoided all signatures are better if you can read them, however not all stars signatures are readable, Kylies should be very clear.

6. Rare signatures from Kylie are those with a full first name and surname but there are not many around to compare with, if you meet her ask for her full signature it would double its value overnight. I see some of you have done this now, (2011)  and also  seen these on ebay the following week!  I have done this guide to help collectors not to profit dealers.

7. A word about promo pictures, Her famous White Diamond tour can sometimes be watched on MTV etc, in this she is shown signing promo on a tour bus well, they are on the table she signed a bundle and sends them out to her agent who then sends them to fans. however remember nothing else gets signed if you send it, to her agent  unless there's a good reason. 2011 and she still uses the same agent who I saw from a distance at Manchester recently seems a good chap.

I have seen many pre prints made by people to sell on ebay these are stated as pre prints and normally start at a low price, however, a lot of these pre prints are not from originals as stated,  they are not real to look at, when compared with the real thing, and they are also on glossy photographs normally these pictures are quite recent and its impossible for Kylie to have signed these in 2006 due to her having cancer and spending most of her time outside the UK. So even a pre print from an Original should be avoided as they are not ' even real  copies' in most cases, they are forged autographs copied, however if they are stating they are pre prints/copies they are not breaking any laws.  due to being pre prints,  but then again it still not right! . They have little value and we are talking a couple of quid if your lucky, but as 'most' are not from her real signature you would have the wrong signature hung up on your walls if you brought one in some cases.

Kylies signature should be easy to read that is each and every letter not just the first bit, if you cannot read it don't buy it, Kylie is happy to sign for fans in person and always takes her time rarely rushing signatures, Kylie has a number of agents, Terry Blamey in the UK  (where the promo's come from but not in 2006)  and the same mgt in Australia, Kylie Loves Germany and I have seen quite a number of good autographs coming from Germany which where done  when she was touring. Autographs are available from her tours on memorabilia stalls which are normally at these events even big tours, my members have reported these as being for sale for about £50. Get them while you can!


Danni signs most things sent to her in the post and as from 2010 the value has increased due to her appearence on X factor as a judge (however, she has now left this show) Dannii signature, her real name is Danni but she adds another 'i' at the end making Dannii,  the letter D should be clear and not squashed up to the next letter 'a', a lot of fakes show this mistake and some have them so squashed up you cannot read the first few letters of her name. Again try to get her to sign her full name you never see these ever!  Note the Love heart drawing sometimes its above the 'a' in Dannii or inbetween ' love' and her first  name.  Pink ink is used on  some promos,  or black ink avoid any other colours used.  however the type of pen can change biro, or felt tip etc this is exceptable.  Avoid any signatures from the USA I see many examples of her name forged coming from the States and from some foreign countries, she does travel a lot, so they cannot be ruled out as real, but from what I have seen so far on ebay most do not seem right. Its now 2012, and last year I met Dannii she signed her book in pink ink and I had a photo with her. search Rob Gregson on facebook and you will see the photo. or look here.


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