L.E.D Electronics: sells counterfeit goods BEWARE!

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And when someone (like myself) is not taken in by his goods or intimidated by his bullying tactics he lies and slanders them. I took pictures of the item before I returned the item to him, and he is now tryin to resell this counterfeit nokia Luna, the item was advertised as a brand new american luna. the condition is far from new, it is a chinese luna, and it is branded "Nokla" not nokia. do not be fooled. the seller was extremley abusive and unprofessional (swearing, insulting, and downright rude)
her are some pictures:
the "nokla" logo can be seen quite clearly... withe the "L" blackened out to look like an "i"
this is the "new" condition I recieved the phone in
The phone to top it off did not function correctly (i.e did not power on 1 in 3 times and did not connect through Nokia PC suite to any PC or laptop, I tested it on 5 seperate machines). Please beware I returned the item as outlined by Paypal (I had to raise a dispute as the seller was not to be trusted to provide a refund on the item) and now he is tryin to resell returned fake luna! passing it off as an unwanted phone for his daughter, His item description is still ambiguous, not pointing out whether it is an american model or a chinese model, as he knows full well it is chinese, so he settles with "bought in USA" in his item description. the seller accused me of sending him an empty box, which is ridiculous as Paypal would not have sanctioned a refund to me untill the seller verifies he has recieved the item back. Please steer clear!

Paypal have ultimatley closed the case in my favour providing me with a full refund, and rejecteing his counter appeal. However it appears someone else has been duped by this seller and the item has been resold. Please make sure you do not buy from this seller, and make others aware, you cn tell this person is a dishonest seller with the fact that all his feedback is private so you cannot even tell what he has sold to amass his feedback. So please be safe rather than sorry.
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