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OK, so you see the ads, super spec laptops at a fraction of the price sold here, too good to be true? PROBABLY

Why don`t ebay take the dodgy ones off site you may ask? and the simple answer is why should they when they get all those lovely insertion fees, sellers fees,  and they would also have to employ somebody to actually police the site and that costs money, so in other words...YOU`RE ON YOUR OWN!!!

So how to spot the cheats/frauds/thieves, 


FEEDBACK.    most will have their feedback set to private and will have a 100% rating, however this is normally based on 10-15 feedbacks which have been given by their friends who are also doing this scam, another good way for them to get a good rating is to buy any old pieces of junk they can find on ebay for 1p you would be surprised ebooks ect go for 1p, so they buy as many as possible then wait for all that good feedback to bump up their ratings before trying to con you and I.  So the moral is......don`t just look at the feedback rating....Check to see what has been bought and have a look at the feedback scores of whoever has given him the positives.


ALWAYS read descriptions in full, especially the ones that are listing all the specifications, because they are hoping that before you reach the bottom of the page you will get bored and therefore miss the bit that tells you that all you are going to get for your £250 or so is a website address and as long as it says somewhere in that listing that you are not bidding on an actual laptop unit then you will waving your hard earned cash goodbye. Now i hear you all ask, won`t ebay help me?  HaHaHa (see the beginning of this post)


last but not least


Now you would have thought that now that Ebay own Paypal, it would be oh so easy for them to tighten up security, but noooooooo, because now apart from all those lovely fees mentioned earlier that they get off us, they also get Paypal fees now, and did you know that everytime you make a claim through Paypal you lose part of your claim for admin fees, so to sum up......

They charge you to use Paypal

They charge you to receive money by Paypal

And when it goes tits up, they charge you to get your money back on a listing that should not have made it onto the site in the first place.

If you or I tried this in the real world we would be locked up for ROBBERY.

OK thats all folks.........hope this helps even one person out their to avoid giving money to all the thieving scum using ebay.




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