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You are possibly looking at this page and there area number of mini adverts to one side selling a wonderlift mascara by Chanel? You like the look of it?  And look at the price - a bargain dont you think?  Read my other review regarding unregulated fake Chanel products because the item you are most probably looking at to one side is a fake!  Wonderlift and Curl is NOT a Chanel product - so onto the latest offering by the counterfeiters...

The latest fake make up product is an eyeliner - Chanel do not print onto the tube, they do not use the cc logo anywhere other than on the lid and think about it - why would anyone want an eyeliner that lifts and curls?

As beautiful as the photograph is and as high a positive feedback the seller has - if they are selling a fake then not only do you risk your health (I mean this seriously - you do not know what is in the product and running crying to a Chanel counter won't help) but it is ILLEGAL.  

Another point is that in the event of damage to health - the seller can be PERSONALLY SUED - I don't think that they realise this and that above all will affect them personally as it is quite evident that they really do not care about selling you something that could potentially blind you, cause you skin irritation, and in worst cases where unregulated ingredients are used - skin erosion, lesions and permanent discolouration and scarring.

Additionally - other fake items are an Ombre d'Eau flat pan powder eyeshadow (Ombre d'eau = water shadow = a clue for you it is a liquid eyeshadow!) and lip glosses in square tubes with black writing on the clear tube.  Yes Chanel make the Cristalle lipgloss now but they do NOT write on the barrel of the tube.

I know Christmas is coming up and money is tight - if you really want the quality of Chanel but at a more modest price then buy Bourjois (the sibling company to Chanel) - made in the same factories, similar quality - maybe not the same luxe look but is less likely to be faked.

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