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HI there & welcome to my guide im writing this in view of thousands of parents who have lazytown mad kids !! i have 2 who are obsessed with lazy town & adore sportacus & his friends !! but  it seems that some people here on e bay take good advantage of this & are ripping people off left right & centre with their extortionate prices for stuff that costs a fraction in the shops.argos,amazon & woolies etc do these items for cheaper & amazon even deliver free of charge !!

sportacus dress up set is available for £17.99 in woolies or on amazon & the boom box is available in argos woolies or amazon for £19.99 the dance mat is in argos for £24.99 & the dvds all in woolies/asda/morrisons/amazon for £12.99 & free p&p the cd is also available in these shops for £12.99 !! please do not let these so called power sellers!!(cowboys) rip you off for your hard earned cash as they are determined to exploit people for every penny they can get !! i advise to check out other options (listed)before bidding & being ripped off !!

ps the posters / pics /colouring sheets !! for sale on here can actually be downloaded for free from the lazytown website & printed out by yourself !! its a bonus if you have laminator but why pay £5.00 for something you can get for free ??????? these people really make my blood boil ps the stuffed toys are copies as lazytown website shows all official toys/merchandise available & these stuffed dolls are not on there,

genuine buyers bidders please remain aware as these people will say anything to take your money !! happy e baying !!

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