LCD TV Plasma TV Wall Brackets Mounting Advice

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Guide for choosing correct bracket for Sony, Philips, Panasonic, Samsung,LG, Daewoo, Goodmans, Pioneer, Toshiba.

How to choose the correct bracket for your LCD TV HD Plasma

A Solware Ltd Guide


LCD and Plasma Tv Wall mounting brackets offer major benefits as they enable you to fix the lcd / plasma tv to the wall using the relevant wall mounting bracket allowing you to save on space by not needing a cabinet etc to stand the lcd / plasma screen TV onto.

The types of lcd / plasma tv wall mounting bracket you require depends on the size and weight of the lcd / plasma tv and the most important issue is the fixing hole measuremnts on the rear of the TV. We offer a selection that caters for all types and sizes of lcd tv and plasma tv,s.

Please google Solware Ltd to see one of the largest ranges within the UK.


Before purchasing a bracket for your LCD or Plasma TV you need to know the following. ( Make of TV is not an issue as it is simply the fixing measurements you need to know )

1) Weight of TV ( KG )

2 ) Screen Width ( Inches )

3 ) Fixing Holes on Rear of your TV ( mm ) Distance between holes Horizontal and Vertical - ( Out side holes if your screen has 6 holes on the rear )

Vesa is an industry standard of sizing for mounting holes on reverse of TV Plasma TFT monitor.

Vesa Compliant Measurements are 75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm or 200mm x 100mm or 200mm x 200mm, once you tv exceeds these measurments you are then looking at either the P Range of mounts with an adaptir as these will fit measurments upto 420mm horizontal and 310mm vertical, if you have a heavier or the larger lcd / Plasma TV the we do have Brackets that can fit a wide variation of sizes of which we have a large range of brackets that cater for these measurments.

Once you know these details - you can then order your mounting bracket.

You then need to decide how you want your LCD Plasma on your wall i.e Flat like a picture or with added tilt facilty or slightly coming from the wall or on a arm that swivels. Check three points above we clearly state sizes of holes, weight and approx screen width our brackets accomodate. See our images of different types and styles of brackets available from Solware Ltd. All fixings are included for standard brick wall construction all brackets are all quality tested and meet relevant BS standards.

Any help please see our website by googling Solware Ltd

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