LDV 400 Convoy Tipper Workshop Manual

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I have now listed the LDV Convoy Tipper Workshop Manual for sale here in my eBay shop and on my website.

The LDV 400 Tipper, or the later Convoy Tipper has a specific workshop manual for the Tipper Body and the Tipping Gear.

This LDV Convoy Tipper factory service manual covers the tipper body and dropsides.

It also covers the Tipper Power Pack and the Tipper Ram.

The LDV 400 series Tipper and the later LDV Convoy Tipper have different Tipping Rams and Tipping Gear, although very similar looking.

The early LDV 400 series (fitted with the EN/ET 2.5 Peugeot engines) Tipping Gear is covered extensively, then the Tipping Gear was changed early 2001 to the more popular and universally accepted Brade Leigh Tipping Gear where it is commonly found on the first Convoy models with the 2.5Di Ford 'Banana Engine' fitted. 

The last LDV Convoy (fitted with Ford 2.4 DuraTorq Engine) models also have the Brade Leigh Tipping Gear installed and the workshop manual covers these in great detail.

The LDV Convoy Tipper Body, hydraulic Power Pack, Tipping Ram and Tipping Gear electrics are all covered in great detail.

LDV Convoy Tipper Hydraulics and Electrics Workshop Manual.



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