LDV Convoy Propshaft UJ Joint For Sale Here

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LDV Convoy Propshaft UJ Joint For Sale in my eBay Shop.

Heavy Duty and fitted with a grease nipple as well as supplied with 4x new circlips.

If you need to purchase an LDV Convoy Propshaft UJ Universal Joint and you need fitting instructions, please feel free to drop me an email and I will be happy to supply free of charge.

Photographs of the LDV Convoy Propshaft UJ are in this eBay shop and also on my website so that you can correctly identify the part you need.

NOTE: You need to remove the propshaft from your Convoy to change the UJ, you also need to remove the four bolts from the propshaft rear flange to differential flange.....these imperial sized half inch dia bolts have fine threads and slim profile nuts which are very easy to damage when rusty and round off the flats of the nuts upon removal.......they are then very difficult to remove even with mole grips due to the close proximity of the nut to the propshaft flange shoulder.........It is much easier and faster to use a cold chisel to easily split the nut off the bolt and replace with new nuts and bolts which are also available from me very cheaply and I will post them foc if you purchase with a propshaft uj.

If you have any technical questions. please contact me via eBay or trymark-books.com

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