LEGO STAR WARS-Let people make their own choice!!!

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Hi everyone. 

Basically,there's a couple of guides on here that are having a go at people selling figures by splitting sets and selling items for more than the original set price and I don't think their comments are fair,and I feel it's damaging to the market and to sellers in general.

It's true that this is how some sellers(including myself) source some figures...I don't do it to rip anyone off in any way but I offer a wide range of figures and sometimes this does mean splitting sets to offer these.I also set my prices off at a low starting price...the end price is determined purely by the buyers.

Firstly,some people are only interested in purchasing and collecting the figures and so to buy sets would be a waste of money for them.

Secondly,some people cannot afford to purchase the large sets just to get the figures and so buy a particular figure as and when they can afford to do so.

Thirdly,NOONE is FORCED to pay over the odds for figures and/or sets on ebay...people pay what they want to.Sometimes,sellers make a loss on figures and sets and sometimes we do alright.That's just the way it goes.

I hope that the people who have written negative guides never want to sell anything on ebay,as if everyone followed their advice,they wouldn't end up making any profit at all!!!

As for buying new sets direct from 'Lego', they often retire sets and sometimes are sold out for long periods at a time.Also,for example,their new 2007 range wasn't available to purchase from them until 13/09/07...I was selling the new sets on ebay a month before this!!!

I basically choose to  sell on ebay as I can work from  home,choose my hours,work around the kids and it's something the whole family gets involved in. I enjoy both buying and selling on ebay and long may it continue.

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