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I have just read a report from an obviousley angry buyer who feels..'ripped off' and is unhappy about the service offered by e bay.


I am in full agreement with this buyer as I now feel very angry and let down also. I have recieved a number of negative feedbacks recently for late payements, when the fault actually lies with Pay pal and their inablity to process accounts quickly. I have also been forced on numerous occasions to pay by e cheque when I havnt wanted to . WhenI complained I was informed that it was for 'security' reasons. I can only assume that this was because I had purchased a number of items in a very short period of time.  I have found it impossible to obtain a sensible reply from anybody at the e bay support section and for some reason they never really appear to understand what I am actually trying to say.

Last xmas I lost 100 euros and never managed to get any assistance form e bay for my undelivered items. I have not recieved yet another item and am waiting for the response to my compliant. i am not expecting much support!!! This time I am prepared to take my complaint elsewhere, becasue I do not feel that e bay take the buyers rights seriously. i am not prepared to accept loosing money again.


How many other people out there feel the same. If we all decieded to take our custom to another auction site..e bay would no longer exist.


I think that E Bay have become far too lax..they actually believe they are invincible. Come on guys.. all out there who have been ripped of and have had to watch as the sellers continue to trade.. lets take our customer away. WE ARE THE CUSTOMERS!!!! without us there would be NO e bay..

Please if we all respond we may at last get a decent service!!!!!


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