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We'll in my opinion they are far better pre-owned. Levi's fit , feel and look better worn at least a couple of times don't they?

Levi's last so long and so we'll that the 1980's 516's are in so much demand. Obviously jeans like this are worn and they look better worn. Often people misunderstand worn as something that is fit for the bin. This is total nonsense. In your wardrobe / closet you have worn your clothes yes ? Would you bin them ? Of course you wouldn't. Levi's look , fit and feel so much better worn and washe at least 2 or 3 times! Also there are several jeans Levi;s no longer make such as 516 , Twisted , Engineered so buying pre-owned is the best bet.

So in my opinion if you are looking for great value and a great fit buy pre-owned Levis

Also check out THE-T-SHIRT-EXPRESS who sells pre-owned Levis



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