LG 42GA6400 Vs. Philips 46PFL5907

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Many people realise that comparing televisions can be intimidating. There are so many designs to mull over and each model has a specific set of features with distinct benefits. The LG and Philips are both good choices for techies and TV fans alike. The LG has a lot going for it, while the Philips gets noticed for its large screen size and is the one for films.
LG 42GA6400 Philips 46PFL5907
Features LG 42GA6400 Philips 46PFL5907
Refresh Rate 120 Hz 240 Hz
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels 1920 x 1080 pixels
Television Definition HDTV HDTV
Screen Size 42" 46"
3D Technology 3D 3D Not Supported
WiFi Connection WiFi Ready Built-in WiFi
Native Resolution 1080p (HD) 1080p (HD)
TV Family Line Google TV Not Specified
Audio Type Not Specified Surround
Number Of Speakers Not Specified 2
Contrast Ratio Not Specified 3000:1
Viewing Angle Not Specified 178°
TV Series Not Specified 5000 Series

LG 42GA6400

The LG has a 42-inch screen size, so you can see what's happening even when further back. Plus, you can make out minute details in each frame of video thanks to the LG's 1920 x 1080 pixel screen resolution. Its 1080p HD video helps you treat yourself to high-definition content. In addition, it has a 120 Hz refresh rate, allowing you to view seamless movement invideos and sports. You can access Internet services thanks to the LG's Wi-Fi.

Philips 46PFL5907

The Philips boasts a 46-inch screen size, so you can have a great view without being close up to the screen. In addition, you can look at detailed images thanks to its 1920 x 1080 pixel screen resolution. Its 1080p HD video lets you marvel at the clarity of high-definition images. What's more, the Philips has a 240 Hz refresh rate, so you can look at flicker-free action infilms and videos. You can make sure everyone can see the picture thanks to its 178 degree viewing angle. Beyond that, its 3000:1 contrast ratio enables you to enjoy images with delightful contrast. The Philips boasts surround sound, allowing you to fill your listening area with convincing sound effects. Furthermore, you can log-in to streaming media content thanks to its Wi-Fi.

Comparing the LG 42GA6400 Vs Philips 46PFL5907

The Philips comes out ahead and is a good choice for home theatre, gaming, and films. The Philips has a 10% larger screen size, so you can take advantage of a wider viewing area. Plus, you can view more fluid animations and videos thanks to the Philips' faster refresh rate. Furthermore, its surround sound enables you to increase your listening enjoyment. On the other hand, the LG rivals with a sharp screen resolution, impressive HD video, and Wi-Fi.

Buying On eBay

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