LG 55L 55-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Smart 3D TV

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Making TV simple with the 55-inch LG Full HD Smart 3D TV

It's a lot of tv for the money. Picture quality is excellent. 3D features seem excellent. Basically does what I want a tv to do...It also has an awful lot of features and functionality if you're inclined to use them. My main criticism is with how little info you're given on how to use them!
The manual tells you nothing at all about how to use almost any feature of the tv. There is a clunky built in user guide, but finding what you want is difficult and even then the information is pretty sparse.Like, it's supposed to be able to record to an external hard drive. I've plugged 4 different external hard drives into it and it doesn't recognise any of them, whether formatted, unformatted, blank or otherwise. So *WHAT* hard drives does it support? Read lots of conflicting and vague info, and mostly come to the (possibly erroneous) conclusion that *if* I plugged a HDD it liked into USB1 only (an undocumented 'feature'), the Time Machine feature ought to ask me if I want to format the device. But no info on why it won't accept any of mine. Or what I should buy instead.
Or like the main app interface, which is one tedious long line of scrolling icons across the bottom of the screen. I figured there HAD to be a way of re-ordering them, but it took experimenting to find out that you actually can (press 'up' when on the app icon in the 'more' screen with the smaller, squarer icons, then left or right to move it where you want it, then press 'down' to sit it in place). Overall after much deliberation I am delighted with the TV.



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